Earnings Tracking for Gig Workers

Expense and Mileage Logging for Uber, Doordash, and Couriers

Easily track all your activity on the road across gig apps including spending habits, driving expenses, mileage, and earnings.

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Earn More Money. Track your success. Reach your goals.

Everything you need to understand how you’re performing on the road. Set earnings goals and understand your efficiency, categorize your business and personal expenses, and see a clear picture of your activity across all gig apps.

Expense Tracking

Take charge of your cash flow with our expense tracking made for Uber, Doordash, Lyft, and other courier apps.

Categorize your expenses as personal or business. Specify gas, phone bills, vehicle repairs, and whatever else you need. 

You’ll get a monthly breakdown of your spending to stay on top of expenses, and make smart financial moves.

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Earnings Tracking and Performance

Set your gig work goals, track how much you make across all your apps, and achieve earning milestones with our earnings tracker.

Get weekly and annual summary reports loaded with insights like average weekly performance, overall income with tips and bonuses, and spending habits.

Optimize your earnings and plan for future success.

Active Miles Insights

Ditch the guesswork and log your miles like a pro. Instantly know your dollar per mile, and the value of your active miles.

Get a no-nonsense breakdown of your mileage across all the gig apps you power.

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Time Tracking

No more napkin math for hourly earnings. Easily keep tabs on the total time you spend on your gig apps. Get a quick snapshot of your average dollar per hour to optimize your time.

Hustle smarter.

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It’s nice to see a company recognize that drivers and couriers need access to financial services and are worthy of investing in. It’s hard enough for gig workers to qualify for certain business funding, car loans, and more. With Moves, there’s one place to track your earnings, see historical earnings, and get access to financial services we might not otherwise have been aware of.

- Harry Campbell, The Rideshare Guy

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Frequently Asked Questions

How can I track my earnings across different gig work apps such as lyft, Amazon Spark, Uber, Doordash, and Grubhub?

Some drivers prefer to go old-school, manually tracking their work hours, mileage, and take-home pay. But if you’re all about efficiency, then you may prefer Moves, the best app for tracking gig work activity, hours on the road, mileage, and earnings. Moves breaks down your earnings by tips, bonuses, and completed gigs for the week across all gig apps so you know how you’re doing on a weekly and annual basis.

What are self-employed delivery driver expenses?

Self-employed (1099) delivery and rideshare drivers incur various expenses while conducting their gig work. These expenses are the financial costs that come with the gigs you take on to ensure things operate smoothly (i.e. gas or repairs). Using a dedicated business banking account and keeping detailed records of these expenses helps for tax management purposes and monitoring cash flow.

How can I track expenses for taxes as a rideshare or delivery courier?

Some simple ways to track expenses as a gig worker or independent courier/driver include:

  • Using accounting software (like QuickBooks or FreshBooks)
  • Using mileage logging and expense tracking tools made for gig workers (like Moves)
  • Keeping a separate spending account for your business-related transactions (such as the Moves Spending Account).
  • Using business and personal expense categorization will ensure that preparing your tax return is as simple as possible.