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Claim Your Share Of The Gig Economy

From the driver seat to a seat at the table. Earn stock shares in the companies you work with when you use your Moves Card.

Stock rewards

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Every Gig Worker can be an owner

Imagine owning a piece of companies like Uber, DoorDash, Lyft, and more, simply by using a spending account. With Moves, it’s that easy.

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Earn free stock§ when you spend

Own more of the gig economy each day. You earn stock rewards for every eligible purchase using your Moves Card.

You’ll earn stock rewards on everyday purchases like dining, groceries, gas, maintenance, and more.

Own Stock in Multiple Gig Platforms

If you work with a publicly traded gig app company, then you can start to own stock in it through Moves. Start today and gain access to stock brokerage accounts for companies like Amazon, DoorDash, Uber, Lyft, and more.

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Become a shareholder

Owning stock means that you get a say in how decisions are made. The more gig economy stocks you earn with Moves, the stronger your voice grows in the gig economy.

How to earn free stocks* with Moves

Ready to own a piece of the gig economy? Start earning stock back on spend today.

Step 1: Spend

Sign up and get your free Moves Spending Account. Use it for everyday purchases, and you’ll automatically earn Stock Rewards§ on all eligible transactions. For more details, see Terms and Conditions.

Step 2: Redeem

When you’ve earned at least $5 in rewards, you can redeem them for stock in a publicly traded gig company of your choice.

Step 3: Own Shares

The more you spend and redeem, the more stock you own in eligible gig companies you work with. Your voice gets louder, and together, we have have a say in the direction of the gig economy.

Earn Stock in Gig Work Platforms

AMZN | Inc
ANGI | Angi Inc.
CART | Maplebear Inc., (Instacart)
DASH | DoorDash Inc.
LYFT | Lyft Inc.
UPS | Roadie Inc.
TGT | Target Corporation
UBER | Uber Technologies, Inc

Harry Campbell - The Rideshare Guy
App Store 5 Star Rating

It’s nice to see a company recognize that drivers and couriers need access to financial services and are worthy of investing in. It’s hard enough for gig workers to qualify for certain business funding, car loans, and more. With Moves, there’s one place to track your earnings, see historical earnings, and get access to financial services we might not otherwise have been aware of.

- Harry Campbell, The Rideshare Guy

Frequently Asked Questions

What are Stock Shares?

Also commonly referred to as “stock(s),” represent ownership in a company. When you own stock shares, you have a stake in that company’s assets and profits, and you become a shareholder. Being a shareholder is important because it allows you to share in a company’s success and profits. It can also provide potential financial gains through stock price appreciation and dividends, making it a way to build wealth and achieve long-term financial goals.

How does becoming a gig economy shareholder help the gig economy?

As shareholders, we can submit proposals to gig platforms that get voted on at upcoming company annual general meetings. With a larger shareholder network, together we can work towards better gig worker representation on the company’s board of directors, coordinated health benefits plan across gig platforms, tip transparency, and more. Join us to create shareholder proposals that are powerful tools for change in proxy battles, publicity campaigns, negotiations, petitions, and lobbying.

How can I start earning stock rewards and purchase Stock in gig companies?

To start earning stock rewards, you will need to have an approved Moves Spending Account. As you use your Moves Card for everyday purchases, you’ll automatically begin accumulating stock rewards.

You may redeem stock rewards towards publicly traded gig companies for the supported gig apps you have connected to your Moves account. This can be done by opening a stock brokerage account, pending verification conducted by Alpaca Securities, LLC. For more details, see the Terms and Conditions, as well as the Moves Help Center.

What purchases qualify for stock rewards?

You will earn stock back on a wide range of eligible purchases, including gas, groceries, and dining with your Moves Card. Non-qualifying purchases include ATM withdrawals, gift or prepaid cards, money transfers, and money orders. For more details, see the Terms and Conditions.

How much stock can I earn?

You’ll earn stock on your qualified spending. The reward amount is calculated by taking 0.25% of the total dollar value of each eligible purchase.