Stock Rewards

Claim Your Share Of The Gig Economy

From the driver seat to a seat at the table, earn shares in the companies you work with when you use Moves
App store reviewer
Charlie R. Uber Driver
You want someone to hear you and take you seriously. We need a voice and leverage. If we have enough stocks in the company they have to listen to us. I get it. So thank you for even creating this opportunity for us drivers.. its like assistance... protection
Melissa F. Shipt Driver
Moves believes that we, the people moving the industry deserve to have a say in what happens. To give us that voice the collective is growing the number of shares owned as a whole with Uber, Target and others. These stocks options come to you as rewards for meeting earnings goals, referring people to the collective and even spending. This is no joke! I am close to owning one share of Target Stock just for making my deposits.
app store reviewer
Grant L. Doordash Driver
Great option to earn extra stocks and have access to cash if needed at a very low processing fee, no interest to the user!

Let’s make every
gig worker an owner

Own a part of the gig economy by earning stock rewards in the gig companies you work for. It’s time you have a seat at the table.

We’re here to advocate for you. Check out our Uber Proxy material.

Earn free stock§ when you spend

Own more of the gig economy each day – use your Moves Card to spend and earn stock rewards for every eligible purchase all while accessing 55,000+ free ATMs and cash advances for gig workers.

No gig workers
left behind

Share your referral link with other gig workers to earn $30 in stock rewards§. As the Moves Collective grows, we will start driving the change we’ve been looking for with a voice that can’t be ignored.

Become a shareholder

Owning stock means that you get a say in how decisions are made. The more gig economy stocks you earn with the Moves Collective, the stronger your voice grows for your gig business. 

There is power in numbers

51 Lyft
151 Uber
6 Doordash
1 Target
2 Amazon

These are the number of shares held by the Moves Collective as of December 9, 2022, and the number of shares held is updated monthly.

How to get free stocks§ with Moves

Get your share and join thousands of other gig workers who own the future of the gig economy

Moves card and App

Join Moves

When you open a Moves Spending Account, you will get your complimentary Moves card to use right away.

stock back on spend

Shop, Refer, & Earn

Start earning stock with each online or in-person eligible purchase and earn even more when you refer gig workers to Moves!

gig workers standing together

Build Your Voice

As a shareholder with ownership in the gig economy, you will earn the power of shareholder rights once you reach a full share.

Join the Movement

You helped build it, you’ve been running it, and now it’s time you owned it. We believe that all together, we can make the gig economy work for its workers.

  • To start earning stock, you will need to have an approved Moves Spending Account that has received at least one deposit from a supported gig platform since being open.

  • To redeem your stock, you will need to be approved for and open a brokerage account with our partner. For more details, see the Terms and Conditions

You will earn stock back on most purchases, including gas, groceries, and dining with your stock back card. Non-qualifying purchases include ATM withdrawals, gift or prepaid cards, money transfers, and money orders. For more details, see the Terms and Conditions.

  • The amount of stock you will receive will be based on your qualified spending in a calendar week (Monday through Sunday). The reward amount is calculated by taking 0.25% of the total dollar value during each time period. There is an annual limit of $75 per person.

  • Your reward will be based on your Top Gig Company at the time of weekly rewards distribution.