Banking for Gig Workers

“Finally, a dedicated bank account for my gig business”

Make money management easy with a Moves Card that you can use to access your cash advance instantly.


Banking built for how you work

Separate your personal and business expenses to make money management simple, easy, and effective.

No monthly maintenance, overdraft fees or credit checks
Apply without having to do any paperwork
Use your card at 55,000+ free Allpoint ATMs
Paperless PDF bank statements
Have questions? Read our FAQs.
Receive your Cash Advance instantly
Instant deposits on daily earnings across 15+ apps (coming soon)
Automatic direct deposit switching
Visibility into authorized holds to accurately reflect your accessible balance

Where big banks create excuses, we create solutions

Rather than having to keep up with your finances, gig economy banking should be built to keep up with you. Moves is the only bank account designed exclusively for gig workers so that you'll never have to feel rejected again.

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Get your money up

Don’t pay to access your own money. Made exclusively for gig workers, Moves cuts bank fees so you can save more and worry less.

Your money, the instant you need it

Emergencies happen - save yourself the worry and headache. Our Moves Spending Account allows members to receive their Business Cash Advance instantly upon request.

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Moves is your financial co-pilot that you can depend on

Spend less time waiting on the phone and more time on the road. Moves dedicated member support ensures you’re being heard - not by a bot, but by our attentive team (of humans).

Are you ready to move?

Keep track of your finances across multiple apps to maximize earnings and save more time. Moves make freelancer banking easy.
Our Moves Spending Account is built with a deep respect for the community and lifestyle choices of gig workers. Tens of millions of Americans earn their primary income in the gig economy, but they’re on their own to tackle financial challenges. No one is effectively addressing the financial health of this market.

That’s why Moves serves to help reduce the financial risks stemming from the unpredictability and volatility rooted in gig work. We have a better understanding of their income and gig workers’ needs for immediate and reliable means to access money.

Moves is primed to solve this challenge by creating the best online bank experience for freelancers, gig workers, and self-employed independent contractors.

The Moves Spending Account is an online bank account for freelancers and self-employed gig workers who are looking for an easy but powerful way to manage their gig earnings all in one place.

Getting started with a Moves Spending Account is effortless and trouble-free! You can add your available Business Cash Advance to your Moves Card instantly via our app. Additional funds such as gig earnings can be deposited into your Spending Account as you would with a regular bank account.

You would then use your Moves card either in person or online, to make purchases just like you would with a debit or credit. The Moves Card is the perfect alternative to credit cards - access your money when you want it and whenever you need it, with no overdraft or NSF fees attached.

Gig work isn’t a one-off job, it’s a business and it should be treated as such. The Moves Spending Account is like a business bank account for independent contractors and self-employed freelancers who want to streamline their earnings from multiple gig apps.

No waiting for pay cycles - by enabling daily deposits, the Moves Card comes in handy to help pay for business expenses such as gas or car payments while allowing you to budget and save based on the financial goals you set.

Gig workers will come to find Moves to be one of the best freelance bank accounts catered to the way they work.