With Uber and takeout delivery sweeping major cities by storm, it may be hard to seek out more diverse gig work and freelance opportunities. Embrace your unique skill set and do not be afraid to try something new. You never know if it is the platform you have been looking for.

Whether it is to prevent gig worker unemployment, or to add another hustle for the next few weeks, here are 5 platforms to help connect you to your next opportunity.

1. Instacart – For those who may want to deliver something other than takeout

If popular apps such as UberEats, Doordash, and SkipTheDishes seem to have lost their appeal, consider signing up to be a “shopper” with the grocery delivery service Instacart. As a shopper, you are tasked with picking up and delivering groceries whenever you choose! Don’t have a car? No problem, Instacart shoppers can be either full-service or in-store. With you in charge of your hours and the inclusivity for those without a vehicle, this is an excellent opportunity for those looking for that extra side hustle.

2. TaskRabbit – For those who see themselves as a right-hand man

If you are the type of worker that prefers to be paid by the hour rather than by project, TaskRabbit might be a better fit. On TaskRabbit, all workers are known as “taskers” and each tasker can set themselves an hourly wage. When a new job post is up, taskers will get invited to complete the job. Which job the tasker is invited to is based on the match between the skills required and the skills of the tasker. Once the job is complete, the transaction happens through the app. All you will need to do is to apply online, complete a background check, and attend an in-person interview. If accepted, you will then be invited to complete tasks based on your availability and skill set.

3. Fiverr – For those who can stand out within a crowd

Fiverr is a classic platform in the freelance world where anyone can sign up to sell their all kinds of services, ranging from web design to writing tasks to even recording music. Known as “gigs”, people wanting to earn money through the platform would create an account, post what gig they want to offer, and then set their own price. Interested clients would then browse through all the gig offerings and then select the one they are interested in! If you have a unique skill with which you would like to help others and make some money, or if you believe your competitive advantage is second to none, Fiverr may be a good option for you!

4.Freelancer – For those who believe they can create a perfect pitch

Similar to the well-known freelancing marketplace Upwork, Freelancer is a platform that allows prospecting users to sign up for free, build a profile, and bid for projects that match their skills. Each approved employee on the site has 8 free project bids per month, allowing you to then pitch your desired payment and plan for the project. On top of bidding for projects, you can also enter contests with your original work. If you are selected as the winner by the contest holder, publicity, ratings and the possibility of payment are all possible.

5. Postmates – For those looking for a lesser-known delivery service and can earn money with a bike

Although Postmates may seem like another food delivery service, this platform allows customers the flexibility to order items other than takeout. All delivery drivers for Postmates are called couriers and each courier has complete flexibility over when they choose to work. Choosing to use your own insured vehicle is most common, however, if you want to make money using your bike, there is the option of doing bicycle delivery as well. Whether you are in between errands or have a few hours on hand, Postmates is ready to help you earn the extra money at your convenience.


These are just a few of the platforms that can help a freelancer or gig worker find their next opportunity. The gig economy is continuously expanding with no signs of slowing down. New apps and platforms are frequently being updated or released. Take charge of your goals and be open to new experiences to find the perfect fit for you. What are you waiting for? Try out some of these or find your fit today!

Want to learn more? Keep checking Moves for more resources on how to land your next opportunity.

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