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Navigating the Gig Economy Ft. Matt Spoke


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  • Navigating the Gig Economy Ft. Matt Spoke
PUBLISHED BY Mu Li / August 20, 2020

Most people who choose independent work in the gig economy do so because they are pursuing career fulfillment, independence, and flexibility. But the trade-off is that you need to fend for yourself: withholding and remitting taxes, putting money aside for health insurance, retirement or paid sick leave, etc.

This can be overwhelming, but Matthew Spoke, CEO of Moves Financial was brought to the show to discuss navigating the gig economy. Moves is a startup dedicated to helping independent workers achieve their financial goals.

In this podcast, they discuss what the gig economy is exactly, how it was expected to grow, and how COVID-19 impacted the timeline. They also touch on the increased demand for interim C-level executives and what the biggest pitfalls are for gig workers and the people who hire them.

Click here to listen to the Thought Talk Podcast.


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