Our Vision


A product exclusively for gig workers

The gig economy isn’t working for its workers. The established companies in this industry have built their businesses primarily thinking about their consumers. As a result, they often overlook their workers. Moves is the product that will prioritize the needs of gig workers.

The gig economy needs Moves

For the past decade, we’ve seen an incredible amount of innovation lead to today’s gig economy. The companies leading this industry have promised and delivered easy, fast, and affordable services to everyday people. It’s clear that consumer behaviors have changed and new value has been created.

But, much of this value has come from the dedicated hard work of an overlooked and growing group: You. The drivers, couriers, shoppers, walkers, and workers of the gig economy.

There is no real job security. Your job can be lost at anytime because there’s nothing defending you.

Robert, Instacart Shopper

You’re not given any warnings about deactivations. You’re not given any insight. You get blindsided.

Ali, Lyft & Uber Driver

Main thing I don’t like about being a gig worker is that my income kind of fluctuates.

Jennifer, DoorDash Courier

I just think that they’re not looking out for us. They’re profit oriented only.

Samir, Postmates Courier

Built for the way you work

Moves exists to focus on the gig worker. We’ve built a world-class, all-in-one financial app to help gig workers manage their business and work towards getting ahead together. Moves helps you:

Understand your gig income
Manage your earnings
Access cash when you need it

Gig workers deserve better, so that's what we're giving them

Moves is absolutely amazing!! Finally a company who understands and is willing to assist gig workers and only gig workers. Thank you sincerely for being there when I needed it.

- Oliver Silva

App Store Review / July 12, 2021

Real change for gig workers

Today, gig workers are the largest workforce in America—an estimated 50 million people. Yet, no one is providing you with the tools to benefit from your collective scale.


A collective voice for millions

Since launching, we’ve talked to thousands of gig workers across the country. We’ve heard you talk about flexibility and your pursuit of independence in the gig economy. We’ve also heard what isn’t working.

Lack of living wages tip transparency health benefits job security restroom access customer support representation financial tools

You spoke, we listened

Ultimately, we heard that no one cares about your challenges. No one is working to solve your problems, but that’s about to change. We believe that all together, we can make the gig economy work for its workers. We can create a voice that can’t be ignored.

You helped build it, you’ve been running it, and now it’s time you owned it

Building a voice as owners

The Moves Collective is a rapidly growing group of gig workers across America that own shares in the companies they earn with to build a voice louder than ever. A voice that can’t be ignored—one that can make a difference in the lives of millions of gig workers.

By coming together as shareholders, we aren’t just individual workers anymore. We’re a group of owners that have a seat at the table to shape the future of the gig economy.

The Moves Collective owns


shares across Uber, Lyft, DoorDash, Target, and Amazon

These are the number of shares held by the Moves Collective as of December 9, 2022, and the number of shares held is updated monthly.

Together, we can own the future

Start claiming your share with the Moves Collective and join us in moving the gig economy in favor of its workers.

We’ve been
listening to you

We recognize that gig workers deserve better and have made the first move by publishing an advocacy report with the help of our Moves members from Georgia. From better compensation to stopping unfair deactivations–we hear you and we want to fight for you.

The change you’ve been waiting for is coming

As the Moves Collective grows, our voice will strengthen. With your help, real change is coming to help make the gig economy work for everyone.

The more shares you earn with the Moves Collective, the stronger our voice collectively becomes.

Together, we can own the future of the gig economy.


A gig economy owned by its workers

Our mission starts by serving gig workers and standing for your collective interests, but we won’t stop until we’ve fundamentally changed the math in your favor.

The gig economy will continue to grow and generate enormous value in an increasingly modern world. We believe that value belongs to you.

Over the coming months, we’ll be sharing more about how we’re unlocking that ownership by using innovative technologies that put gig workers in the driver’s seat. Check out the blog series below to get some hints about where we’re heading.

The future of the gig economy belongs to you