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Why Choose Moves?

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A spending account designed specifically for Gig Workers.

Super Simple. No monthly fees, no minimum balances, no overdraft fees, 55,000+ free ATMS‡.

A spending account that integrates with all your gig deposits across gig apps. Your earnings home base.


Access Up to $2,000 in Cash Advances

Access no-interest Cash Advances of up to $2,000 when you deposit your earnings with Moves. No credit checks required!

Access funds to help cover unexpected expenses by depositing your gig earnings with Moves.

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Earnings Tracking and Performance

Knowing how you’re doing on the road has never been easier. Set your gig work goals, track how much you make across all your apps, and achieve earning milestones with our earnings tracker.

Earn free stock§ when you spend with your Moves Card

Never owned stock before? Now you can. Get free Stock in Uber, Doordash, Lyft, and more.

If you’re spending on eating out, groceries, gas, maintenance, and insurance to get your gig work done, then you better switch to using the Moves Card, and earn free stock back on your spend.

Stock rewards
App Store 5 Star Rating

This app is continually being developed to add new features. It accepts automatic deposits and withdrawals. Cash back features and shared ownership stocks for gig workers are being added to this app.

- Anthony-D on APPLE APP STORE

App Store 5 Star Rating

Perfect for multi app Gig Workers! I love having a unified place that I can see all my earnings, not to mention, Cash Advances!

- marquiireign on Apple App Store

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Why should gig workers use Moves?
  • Gig work isn’t a one-off job, it’s real work that should be recognized as such! The Moves Spending Account is designed exclusively for gig workers pursuing the benefits of independent work.
  • Whether you need extra cash for unexpected expenses, further your stake in the gig economy through stock ownership, or get all your earnings in one place – Moves is made for you.
  • Gig workers will come to find Moves to be one of the best freelance bank accounts catered to the way they work.
What makes Moves the dedicated banking account for freelancers, gig workers, and independent contractors?
  • Our Moves Spending Account is built with a deep respect for the community and lifestyle choices of gig workers. Tens of millions of Americans earn their primary income in the gig economy, but they’re on their own to tackle financial challenges. No one is effectively addressing the financial health of this market.
  • That’s why Moves serves to help reduce the financial risks stemming from the unpredictability and volatility rooted in gig work. We have a better understanding of their income and gig workers’ needs for immediate and reliable means to access money.
  • Moves is primed to solve this challenge by creating the best online bank experience for freelancers, gig workers, and self-employed independent contractors.
  • The Moves Spending Account is an online bank account for freelancers and self-employed gig workers who are looking for an easy but powerful way to manage their gig earnings all in one place.
How does the Moves Spending Account work?
  • Getting started with a Moves Spending Account is effortless and trouble-free! You can begin by depositing your gig earnings into your account. Moves will then track your earnings across multiple gig platforms, provide insight into expected payouts, offer cash advances, and more.
  • Once you fund your account, you can use your Moves card either in person or online. All eligible purchases earn members stock rewards in the gig companies they work for.