gig workers collective

You helped build it, now you can own it

Own the future of the gig economy by claiming your share of the gig companies you work for.

Every gig worker
deserves to be an owner

Join the Moves Collective to earn and accumulate free shares* of the gig companies you power through our partnership with Bumped Financial. As we start shifting ownership of the gig economy towards you through stock rewards, we become a group of shareholders that have a seat at the table.

Claim your share

Start earning free shares* in the companies you work for as you bank and manage your money with Moves. As you use your Moves Card, gain access to cash advance for independent contractors and receive shares in eligible gig companies. 

Become an owner

Owning stock and becoming a shareholder means that you get a say in how decisions are made. The more gig economy stocks you accumulate with the Moves Collective, the greater your share of the gig economy becomes and the stronger our voice grows.

Building our collective voice, together

As the Moves Collective grows, we can start driving the change we’ve been looking for with a voice that can’t be ignored. It’s time to start moving the gig economy in favor of its workers.

There is power in numbers

51 Lyft
151 Uber
6 Doordash
1 Target
2 Amazon

These are the number of shares held by the Moves Collective as of December 9, 2022, and the number of shares held is updated monthly.

Violet Ulmer
The gig companies do all this dumb stuff to make us feel appreciated, but they don’t actually DO anything. They don't REALLY care that much. For you guys to take that step, it makes me feel empowered. I LOVE YOU GUYS

Instead of waiting for change,
let’s make it happen

Gig workers stand in millions

By building a gig workers collective, we have the ability to leverage our collective power and voice to push for change that is beneficial and sustainable. Join us in working towards a gig economy market owned and governed by its workers.

Why Moves Exists

The future of the gig economy belongs to you

Moves will stand on behalf of its members to represent that voice. For the first time ever, we’re working to give gig workers a voice that can be heard to fight for better gig worker rights.

Read Our Vision

Coming Soon

Exciting things are coming your way! Through Moves and our partnership with Bumped Financial, gig workers are able to earn stock in the publicly traded gig companies they work on. And the cost is on us. Let’s start putting the power into the hands of gig workers.

Supporting multiple gig platforms

We will continue to expand and support more publicly traded gig companies as they become available so we can work towards making every gig worker a shareholder within our workers' collective.

More ways to earn stock rewards

Discover multiple ways to claim your shares as we introduce new tasks to complete while you earn, spend, and manage your money with Moves.

Advocate for what matters most

As you accumulate shares, you have the opportunity to gain rights as a shareholder—including voting when you have a full share or more. The Moves Collective will stand together to advocate for better working conditions and benefits for gig economy workers.

You spoke, we listened

We’ve talked to thousands of gig workers across the country and acknowledge the need for a gig economy union. We are standing by our members to tackle common challenges in the gig economy to get the gig economy worker benefits they deserve.