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Cash Advance for Uber & Lyft Drivers

Your financial seatbelt while you are on the road - build access towards Cash Advances up to $2,000 when you deposit gig earnings into Moves
One of the best apps out there, especially of you use uber/lyft. Was eligible for a cash advance after one week. Very flexible repayment schedule.

Kevin W. , Uber & Lyft Driver

One of the best apps to get cash advance for Uber drivers. I highly recommend this as a great financial service for gig workers. Great platform.

William B., Uber Driver

The fact that Moves was able to lend $500 to get car fixed was amazing”

Shantay R., Rideshare Driver

I love Moves, I get cash advances without fees and interest and it's easy to pay back. Moves looks at what you can afford and not your credit report.

Katrina B., Multi-App Worker

Gig drivers can wave goodbye to shady payday loans 👋
Moves is built for the way you work

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The more you work and deposit your gig earnings with Moves, the more funding you can receive

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Access cash when you need it

Cover emergencies, unexpected expenses, or day-to-day business costs with our best-in-class Cash Advance


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Cash Advance for gig workers

Plan ahead, get access to cash when you need it

Build towards Cash Advances of up to $2,000 to cover unexpected expenses when you deposit your gig earnings to Moves, interest-free. No credit checks required.
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Every qualified purchase on your Moves Card - including gas, groceries, and dining - earns you free stock rewards§ in the gig companies you work with, including Uber and Lyft.
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A note from our team

We’ve heard from countless independent delivery drivers, rideshare drivers, and food couriers about the lack of support they receive and challenges they face. we understand gig workers deserve better banking. But most importantly, gig workers deserve to be recognized. Gig work is real work. That’s why Moves is helping to shape the future of the gig economy and we would love for you to be a part of it.

Bring change to your career and the gig economy when you bank with Moves.

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  • A business cash advance and a personal loan are both forms of financing, but they are designed for different purposes and have different terms and conditions.
  • Moves’ Cash Advance is a type of funding that provides gig workers with quick access to cash based on their future earnings. Gig workers such as Uber and Lyft drivers receive an advance on their expected earnings, and then repay the advance, plus a small service fee. There are no interest rates attached or credit checks required.
  • Personal loans for Uber and Lyft drivers, on the other hand, is a loan that is taken out by an individual for personal use. Personal loans typically have a fixed interest rate and a set repayment period.
  • Once you’ve opened your Moves Spending Account, you will need to deposit a minimum of $100 from either your Lyft or Uber pay statement.
  • Gig deposits must come directly from one of our supported gig platforms. To note, both weekly and instant payouts will count towards Cash Advance eligibility!
  • Your Cash Advance amount is primarily based on the total gig payouts you have recently deposited into your Moves Spending Account. Maintaining a healthy account with regular use and consistent gig payout deposits, as well as keeping a healthy account balance, are also taken into consideration for your Cash Advance as you build your reputation with Moves.
  • Our mission is to provide gig workers with financial tools to help them succeed. Unlike payday loans for Uber and Lyft drivers, Moves is upfront, affordable, and transparent.
  • Members repay the funded amount plus a small service fee. We’ll always provide you with your exact payment structure before you accept. A portion of each gig deposit made to your account will go towards your repayment until your cash advance is fully repaid.
  • If you want to pay off your entire Cash Advance, or catch up on payments, you can use the ‘Pay Now’ feature in-app.