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A financial safety net that rideshare drivers can count on

Rideshare drivers shouldn’t need to compromise on value when borrowing money.

Life happens and things can get expensive. Whether you have unexpected medical bills or are saving up for a much needed day off – having access to credit is incredibly important – especially as an Uber or Lyft driver. 

Join hundreds of other rideshare drivers who have partnered with Moves to get a peace of mind.

How to apply for Rideshare Driver Loans

Applying for Moves is simple! Request a loan in just 3 minutes:

Step 1

Securely connect to your bank account through Plaid
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Step 2

We'll review your financial records exclusively related to your gig income to determine your eligibility for a loan
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Step 3

Upon approval, your loan will automatically be deposited into your bank account after 1-3 business days

We have your back, even when you don't expect it

If you drive for Uber or Lyft, loans will often be your best bet when it comes to tackling unforeseen expenses. But as you may know, borrowing from the bank is a hassle for most who are self-employed. And turning to payday loans for Uber drivers should never be the answer. 

Driving you forward

At Moves, we’re often asked, ‘Can Uber drivers get loans?’

While some entrepreneurs can get small business loans to help them cover business investments and emergencies, it’s not so simple to get a loan for Lyft Drivers or Uber drivers. Because ridesharing is fairly new, banks typically don’t offer business loans to Uber and Lyft drivers. As a result, most of the financing is available as personal loans for Uber drivers.

That said, getting a loan from a bank is often easier said than done. Many loan applications require a letter from your employer stating your annual salary or hourly wage. As a self-employed rideshare driver, you don’t have a set wage. Since you work for yourself, you won’t be able to get a letter of employment from human resources. Most traditional lenders will not accept your earnings statements as proof of income, even if you’re a high earner with relatively consistent earnings.

For many people who can’t borrow from the bank, they turn to payday loans. While these may seem convenient at first, especially since they serve people who may have low credit scores, they are one of the most expensive ways to borrow money.

Because the interest on a payday loan is so high, many people end up requiring another loan to pay off the first one, trapping them in a cycle of debt. We do not recommend payday loans for Uber drivers. Moves aims to provide the resources and tools to drive sustainable, financial help for self-employed workers.

Rideshare drivers need affordable access to credit

We believe that self employment should be celebrated, not penalized. Becoming your own boss can be risky but it can also be immensely rewarding. 

Whether you need money to invest in your business or to cover personal expenses, Moves is helping Uber and Lyft drivers get access to affordable loans and financial products that are designed with the modern entrepreneur in mind. 

Working through other apps? Moves provides loans for Doordash drivers and other gig platforms as well!

Partner with Moves

Moves is the first financier to work exclusively with Uber and Lyft drivers. Loans from Moves require no credit check, and proof of income from Uber or Lyft means you can qualify for a low-fee loan instantly and receive funds in less than 48hrs.