Cash Advance for Uber and Lyft Drivers

Accessible funds created for rideshare drivers and food couriers
I had some unexpected expenses but thankfully Moves was there to help when I needed it the most.
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Plan forward, get access when you need it

Rideshare drivers shouldn’t need to compromise on value when it comes to accessing money. Whether you have unexpected bills or are saving up for a much-needed vehicle upgrade – having access to upfront cash is incredibly important – especially as an Uber or Lyft driver. Join thousands of other rideshare drivers who have partnered with Moves to get a peace of mind, at last.

Financial stability when the road gets bumpy

As it often does on the road, life can take an unexpected turn. Be prepared to handle any rough patch with your expenses so that you can focus on the road ahead. Moves helps you navigate your finances by providing a financial cushion up to $2,500 to pad your gig earnings.

“Quick and easy. Was extremely helpful during difficult times with covid19.”


Putting you back in the driver seat with your money

A dedicated financial platform, designed for the modern-day gig worker

Gig workers run their own micro-businesses and deserve to be treated as such! Whether you need money to invest in your gig or cover other business expenses, Moves' cash advances are designed for independent rideshare drivers to cushion their bank account and build better financial habits.

Working through other apps? Moves offers loan alternatives for Doordash drivers and other gig platforms as well!

Addressing the gap between gig workers and financial institutions

At Moves, we’re often asked, ‘Can Uber drivers get loans?’

While entrepreneurs can rely on business loans to help them cover expenses and emergencies, it has proven to be difficult to obtain gig economy loans for Lyft drivers or Uber drivers.

Rideshare drivers are often overlooked by banks due to the unpredictable nature of their work, thin credit history, and employment status as non-salaried contractors.
In times of emergency and left with few alternatives, gig workers resort to payday loans for Uber drivers. And although personal loans for Uber, Lyft, and Doordash drivers are available - it requires additional processing, creating delays in payment, uncertainty, and added anxiety when you’re most vulnerable.

It’s about time you left your financial stress at the door.

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Be proud of what you do and keep your independence

Don’t sacrifice flexibility for financial unpredictability. Moves is driven to help you succeed – providing financial help for self-employed workers through customized resources and tools designed specifically for gig workers.

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Designed to build your bank, not break your bank

Finances that's easy and simple to understand - no interest rates, and no hidden fees. Pay only 2% of the amount you receive over a 10-week period. Moves is the perfect alternative to loans for rideshare drivers.

“I’ve been looking forever for a company like this”

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