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Gig workers can say goodbye to shady payday loans 👋

Cover unexpected business expenses without uncovering hidden fees or interest rates


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Very happy with Moves, if you're a gig worker who uses multi apps this Moves [account] is the way to go!! Link all your gig accounts. Get cash advances, and now you can choose to have 10%, 25%, or 100% of each direct deposit to pay it back. All around happy with it!

- Josh D.

Multi-app gig worker / February 28, 2023

We’re here to help you make money moves

Open your Spending Account

It’s free to sign up and takes less than 10 minutes to apply and link your gig accounts.

Deposit your gig earnings

The more you work and deposit your gig earnings with Moves, the more funding you can receive.

Unlock Cash Advances

Cover emergencies, unexpected expenses, or day-to-day business costs with our best-in-class Cash Advance.

How Moves compares

Cash Advance for Gig Workers

Approval based on gig deposits, not credit score
No accumulating interest
Low, one-time service fee on money advanced
Flexible repayments as you earn
Financial peace of mind for unexpected expenses
Reliable premium member support

Traditional Loan for Gig Workers

Quick access to cash
Terms difficult to understand
Extremely high fees and interest rates (average 400% APR*)
Leads to debt cycle if payments are not made in time
Short, fixed, repayment schedule
May require access to bank account (risk of overdraft fees and other charges)
*Consumer Financial Protection Bureau (CFPB)

Line of Credit for Gig Workers

Like Moves, funds can be borrowed as needed
Revolving credit to continually borrow and repay within credit limit
Can help built credit
Variable interest rate and other fees associated
Requires good initial credit
Collateral may be required
Not tailored to gig income activity

Banking built for the way you work

Access extra cash, manage multiple gig earnings, or earn stock rewards - Moves is made for you.

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The home of your gig business

Manage earnings across 20+ gig platforms and get your weekly gig payouts up to two days early±±.

Your Spending Account also includes:
✔️ Access to 55,000+ no-fee ATMs
✔️ Virtual Moves Card for immediate use
✔️ No maintenance, account or overdraft fees
✔️ Real-time earnings deposit notifications

$1000 Cash Advance

Plan ahead, get access to cash when you need it

Build towards Cash Advances of up to $2,000 to cover unexpected expenses when you deposit your gig earnings to Moves, interest-free. No credit checks required.

Banking tailored for your work on-the-go

Take advantage of 55,000+ no-fee ATMs and earn stock rewards§ in the gig companies you work with on everyday Moves Card purchases, online or in-person.

Ian N. Google Play Store
By far the absolute best gig worker mobile / online bank[ing] account out there, PERIOD!! Never had any issues within the app or the actual banking experience. Also has an interestingly unique approach to the cash back reward system used by soooo many others where you actually earn stock in the gig company that you bust your a$$ on the regular for. Also earn cash advance amounts that will actually help you get thru, while paying just 10% of each gig deposit until you're square.
Josh Apple App Store
Literally saved my life if it wasn’t for the features of this app. 100% would recommended to any gig worker I know
Lara E. Apple App Store
This online banking system is perfect for independent contractors and freelancers! I’m not sure how I managed before because I dont think I could work as efficiently without this platform! I now have a way to get a loan if needed where as before that was nearly impossible! I can have proof of my income sent directly to my email all I have to do is request it and Moves does everything else at no additional charge! I definitely recommend Moves to not just Gig workers really but any type of freelancer! Thanks Moves! :)

Frequently asked questions

Moves is the banking app designed exclusively for gig workers pursuing the benefits of independent work. Gig workers are able to access gig economy loan alternatives in the form of interest-free cash advances up to $2,000, manage their earnings all in one place, and further their stake in the gig economy through stock ownership.

  • Our Moves Cash Advance provides a lump sum payment to gig workers in exchange for a portion of their future earnings. To be eligible for a Cash Advance, you will first need to:

    • Link your gig deposits to your Moves Spending account 
    • Make a minimum of $100 gig deposit in the past 28 days
  • Our real-time assessments will automatically adjust members’ eligibility based on their gig deposits and banking activity. The more you work and deposit your earnings with Moves, the more funding you can receive.

  • You are only able to have one Cash Advance at a time. You are able to repay your Cash Advance at any time for free. Once your final payment has been processed, you can request your next Cash Advance after 5 days. 

  • Before you accept your Cash Advance in the Moves app, you will be able to select how much of your gig deposits you want allocated towards your Cash Advance repayments, starting at 10%. 

  • Once you select your repayment allocation and accept your advance, you cannot switch your allocation until your next Cash Advance. After you receive your Cash Advance, the percentage you chose of each gig payout deposited into your Moves account will be applied to your Cash Advance until the full amount is repaid.

  • You are able to pay your Cash Advance at any time by clicking the ‘Pay Now’ button in the Cash Advance screen. When you use the Pay Now feature there is a 5 day waiting period before you can accept your next Advance.

We believe in having our fees upfront and transparent for our members. Total repayment for your Cash Advance equals the Advance’s principal amount plus a service fee. You will be quoted your exact repayment amount before accepting anything. 

  • Instalment loans for gig workers are a type of loan that is designed for individuals who work in the gig economy – repaid over a fixed period of time, with regular payments (instalments) made to the lender. 

  • These loans can be secured or unsecured, and the amount borrowed and the length of the repayment period will depend on the lender’s requirements and the borrower’s creditworthiness.

  • However, gig economy loans are hard to come by due to the nature of gig income instability, the  need for credit checks, and  ranging interest rates.

  • That’s why for gig workers, Moves’ Cash Advance can be a useful way to access funds to help manage their expenses or to invest in their gig work. Because gig work can be irregular, and income can fluctuate, our Cash Advances can provide some stability by offering predictable repayments aligned with their gig earnings.