Loan Alternative for Gig Workers

Designed To Help You Get Ahead, Not Set You Back

When life doesn’t go as planned, Moves gives you the confidence to continue forward.


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Carefully designed to match your goals

No Hassle Signup

We see you for who you are and we appreciate it. You don’t have to be turned down again as a gig worker, it’s free to create an account!

Repay as You Earn

Our automatic repayment schedule caters to the ups and downs of gig work. 10% of each gig payout deposited into Moves is applied to your Cash Advance, making it the perfect alternative to credit cards at one low cost, and interest-free.

Keep Growing With Moves

Gig work is growing and reshaping the new normal, and so should you. Increase your cash advance limit as you improve your financial profile with Moves.

Secure alternative for payday loans

Traditional loans for gig workers are non-existent. That's why we've built a tailored solution for your financial needs. Our goal is to provide trusted financial education so that you can make better money decisions for yourself.

Business Cash Advance

5% Service Fee
No Accumulating Interest
Repayments Align With Your Earnings
Reliable Customer Support
Built for Gig Workers

Payday Loans

391% APR on average
Hidden provisions that charge borrowers added fees
Does not consider your ability to repay
Not built for gig workers
Does not help financial progress

Credit Cards

May include signup bonuses, cashback incentives, etc.
16.28% average APR
Pay interest on unpaid balance
May have annual fees
Relies on your credit score
Paperwork and application takes up to 10 business days
*APR varies as per credit card and credit score

Advance your gig career with reliable access to cash

Moves is dedicated to providing the resources you need to make sound financial decisions.

Moves Cash Advance

  • There are no origination fees and no interest rates (that means no APR or AIR)
  • Deducts a portion of your future earnings in exchange for the cash advance we provide, similar to a service fee.
  • Cash Advance terms are covered by a commercial contract between the vendor and the business (the business can be an individual working as a gig worker, freelancer, sole proprietor, or similar).

General Personal Loans

  • A personal loan typically has interest rates and origination fees related to borrowing money
  • Loans with an APR must be expressly stated by the lender. There are consumer protection elements that must be stated as well
  • Loans can also be used for personal expenses
Emergencies happen. And being an independent worker shouldn’t disqualify you from accessing affordable financial products. But if your status as an independent ‘gig’ worker makes it impossible to find low fee personal loans or credit limit increases, what do you do? While banks may not accept self-employment as proof of income, Moves treats your gig work as its own business and is the perfect payday loan alternative for independent workers. We work exclusively for gig workers so you never have to worry about being refused credit because of the type of work you do. Moves only charges a one-time 5% service fee repayments are easy, smart, and adaptable – providing gig workers the best alternative to credit cards or payday loans when it comes to cost and flexibility in managing their expenses.