My name is Forest Atkinson and I just moved to Toronto three months ago. I had a secure job in Ottawa but I was doing long distance with a boyfriend for a year and I decided that, well that we where important during the pandemic so I dropped everything to be with him :smiley::christmas_tree::hugging_face: I lived in Ottawa for 31 years and I had my job as a psw for 7 years!
My boyfriend is in a wheelchair himself! He is 32 and was hit by a drunk driver when he was 11 years old. But now he works for the spinal cord injuries of Ontario here in Toronto, helping those who are recently injured with peer support.:smiley::hugging_face:
I am leasing this vehicle for now from Uber for income, but after the pandemic hope to be a bus driver!
I made my van look like this so people could Still get some joy this Christmas!!! And I honesty put in a lot of work to make it safe! The tree is drilled to a thick piece of wood so it doesn’t move and the back of the tree is tied to the glove compartment!
I wanted to wow people :star-struck: when they got into the van … people who just order and uber are surprised by this van and it’s amazing everytime! I have 160 five stars in the last month!
I have also have a camera in my car and I’ve been filming the amazing reactions as People have been getting in the car!
Even with this Christmas and everyone being apart it’s silly little things that makes a smile Like this that can bring people together!!