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Will this affect my credit score?

No, we don’t have any sort of interaction with Equifax or TransUnion. We do not check your credit with them, or report your financial activities with us back to them.


How are you storing and using my data?

We use the read-only information sent via Plaid to assess whether to issue you a loan. We will never sell your information, and we cannot change it – see our Legal page for more information.


Why should I trust Moves?

Moves has ongoing partnerships with Amego, Hyr, Loans Canada, Fintel Connect, Loan Connect, and Smarter Loans, and our ratings on TrustPilot are all 5 stars. These are third-party services that have thoroughly vetted Moves and verified that we are a legitimate business.

Even more importantly is our integration with Plaid during the application process.

Because we don’t check your credit score, we need other indicators that give us assurance that you will be able to repay your loan. That list of your banking transactions is done through a third-party service called Plaid. Plaid is owned by Visa, and all vendors that use it have to be thoroughly vetted. Plaid is read-only, does not give us access to your financial credentials, and is protected with enterprise grade encryption services.

With a view of your banking history for the last 6+ months, we get an idea of your income and spending behavior. By doing this, we can instantly qualify you for a loan without asking for any bank statements, proof of address, credit score or even proof of income. If you’d like to learn more, please visit the Plaid website (https://plaid.com/legal/#end-user-privacy-policy).

But don’t just take our word for it; here’s what one of our satisfied customers told us:

“I can’t even get money from my own bank, they’ve been my bank for 18 years. The money from Moves, I put it into my tax-free savings plan. There’s no service charges, there’s no initiation fee, there’s no management fee, there’s no account fee.”

Joseph, Uber Driver, Toronto