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Free DoorDash Employment Verification

Verify proof of income for lenders, landlords, or background checks across all your gigs without needing pay stubs

DoorDash can be used as proof of income for:

Student loans
Auto loans
Rental leases

Background checks
Government aid
Small business loans

Insurance claims
Filing taxes
Mortgage pre approvals


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How to get proof of income from DoorDash

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Are you multi-apping? Combine your DoorDash earnings statements with up to 20+ supported gig platforms to show a complete employment history.

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Receive a secured PDF income verification report within the hour. Income will be shown year-to-date including all-time historical earnings.

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Frequently asked questions

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  • It is becoming more common for gig workers to use DoorDash pay stubs and earnings statements as proof of income, however it may depend on the specific context in which income verification is requested. Showing multi-year earnings alongside prior 1099 tax return documents may help alleviate reluctancy from requesting parties.

  • To note, it is recommended to check with the institution or organization in question to understand their specific requirements and whether or not they accept earnings from gig apps as proof of income.

Getting tired of submitting app screenshots of your gig earnings? Without calling DoorDash for proof of employment, Moves verifies your historical earnings across multiple gig platforms so you can provide the full picture of your employment income. All it takes is a few clicks! Get started here.

Absolutely. Proof of income for DoorDash drivers is completely free. In fact, you are eligible for free income and employment verifications if you work with any of our 20+ supported gig apps.

Once you have made a request, you will receive an email to download your DoorDash employment verification report within the hour. If more than one gig was requested, your earnings will all appear in the same PDF report.

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