Cash Advance for DoorDash Drivers

A unique banking app designed to give DoorDash drivers and gig workers deposit-based Cash Advances up to $2,000


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Driving for DoorDash can be unpredictable. Your money doesn’t have to be.

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Banking Built For Gig Workers

No minimum balances, overdraft fees, monthly maintenance fees and over 55,000+ Free ATMs.

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Cash advance for DoorDash drivers

Cash Advance for DoorDashers

Easily access Cash Advances up to 100% of your average weekly gig deposits, interest-free.

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Claim Your Share of DoorDash

Get free gig economy stock rewards§ in Doordash as you earn and spend on your Moves Card.

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How it works

Linking DoorDash account
Link the gig accounts you earn on

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Set up your Moves Spending Account

Switching payouts to Moves
Start depositing your gig income

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Access Cash Advances, Stock Rewards, and more!

We're prioritizing your time and goals as a Dasher

Moves is designed to keep you in the driver’s seat and deliver the quality banking experience you deserve.

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Banking built for how you work

Conveniently manage your deposits, spending, and your eligible DoorDash Pay Advance in one account. Dashers can access weekly payouts up to two-days early±±, at no additional cost.

“Very straightforward, easy to use and surprisingly does exactly what it says it does. Activated the card and linked Uber Eats and Doordash to Moves. Requested an advance and the money was in the account seconds later...Really couldn't be happier with the app.”

Kassie J.  - Food Courier, Georgia

Access cash in a dash

Forget exploitative loans for DoorDash Drivers, access deposit-based Cash Advances with flexible scheduling and repayment options. No hidden interest rates, just one flat low service fee.

“I can't say anything negative at all. Just know, everything you read or hear from them is truth. And I fell behind on the cash advance a few weeks. Nothing negative from it. Just paid it up to be ahead of it. That cash advance has saved my life a few times now. They will be what gets my net worth back. THANK YOU!!!”

Jeremiah U. - Doordash Driver, North Carolina

Get ownership in Doordash

From the driver seat to a seat at the table - join thousands of members in our Moves Collective. Own more of the gig economy each day and take control of how you work.

“Moves is the real deal. There isn't another financial company out there that takes care of the gig community better. Thank you, Moves. If you don't have a Moves account yet then you're truly missing out. Get one, you won't regret it.”

Adam S.  - Doordash Driver, Michigan

Be a part of the Movement

Our all-in-one banking and Cash Advance app works with DoorDash drivers to help manage day to day finances and grow alongside our expanding community of gig workers nationwide.

Keeping Your Gig Business
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What are Cash Advances for DoorDash Drivers?

What are Cash Advances for DoorDash Drivers?

DoorDash driver loans are hard to come by. Where traditional banks evaluate your income type, stability, and employment history to assess your ability to receive a loan, our Cash Advance is determined based on your gig deposits into your Moves Spending Account.

In fact, our Cash Advance is not a loan. Instead, we provide funds that are extended to you in exchange for a promise of your potential future earnings in the form of a simple, affordable service fee.

To learn more about the difference between a Cash Advance and a personal loan, click here.

I’ve set up my Moves Spending Account. How do I become eligible for a Cash Advance?

I’ve set up my Moves Spending Account. How do I become eligible for a Cash Advance?

Once you have set up your Spending Account, start depositing your gig earnings to build up your Cash Advance eligibility. Both direct deposits and instant payouts count towards your eligibility! Deposit $100 in gig earnings to unlock Cash Advances.

However, the more you deposit, the greater the Cash Advance amount you can access. Click here to read more details on qualifying for the different Cash Advance amounts.

How does the Cash Advance payback schedule work?

How does the Cash Advance payback schedule work?

Unlike payday loans for DoorDash drivers, Moves’ Cash Advance offers flexible repayment options and no interest fees. Members are able to repay as they earn with a small portion of each gig payout deposited into Moves going towards their repayment until it is settled. As a result, each repayment adjusts to how they earn, tailored for the modern day gig worker!

Members are also able to repay their Cash Advance early or in full at any time, without penalties! So whether you need a car loan for DoorDash driving or extra cash to cover unexpected expenses, we’re here for you when the road gets tough.

For more details, see our FAQ post here.