Hi, I’m Luis, the creator behind the YouTube channel “DeliveryTV.” I’ve been a gig worker since 2019 and a content creator since 2020. My goal is to support my fellow gig workers by offering relatable and encouraging content that helps them navigate the world of side hustles.

“One of the things we do at DELIVERY TV is share useful tools for drivers, I consider Moves a great tool that helps workers financially.”

Luis Berti


Gig work by the numbers

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Why I do what I do

I am a videographer, but the video business was not going well and I started working with the platforms to earn extra money, I was looking for information on social media to learn and mostly I found content in English, I decided to change that.

I was hesitant about whether or not to start my YouTube channel, until a customer threw a dog at me when I tried to make a delivery to the wrong address. That experience gave me the courage to start.

Supported Platforms

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My top three reasons why I chose Moves

Unbounds you from any one gig app

With over 20+ supported gig platforms, Moves lets you manage your earnings across all your gig work to help you get a clear picture of how you work!

From income verification for gig workers to anticipating your expected payouts and setting weekly goals, Moves empowers you to work however you want to work.

Peace of mind drivers look for everyday

As with the nature of our work, our vehicles regularly need maintenance. But even then, unexpected expenses still come up. Moves provides a lifeline by offering deposit-based Cash Advances for gig workers up to $1,500.

Although I don’t plan on using the Cash Advance, it’s reassuring to have a safety net that has me covered.

Bank account that grows with you

Unlike the prepaid cards tied to gig platforms, Moves offers a full suite of banking features unique to gig workers. In addition to free Allpoint ATM access, no monthly account fees, and fraud detection, Moves members can come to expect:

  • Early pay on weekly deposits
  • Stock back on spend
  • Real-time notifications when payouts hit your account
  • Responsive live chat support
  • and as mentioned, their Cash Advance!
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