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When life doesn’t go as planned, Moves gives you the confidence to continue forward
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We see you for who you are and we appreciate it. You don’t have to be turned down again as a gig worker, it’s free to create an account!

Easy Payment Schedule

Our flexible payment schedule caters to the ups and downs of gig work. Moves' business cash advance is the perfect alternative to credit cards at one low cost, and interest-free.

Build Your Safety Net as You Grow

Gig work is growing and shaping the new normal and so should you. Increase your credit limit as you improve your financial profile with Moves.

Your sigh of relief when life gets unpredictable

We’ve got an easier way to access money when you need it.

Say goodbye to unpredictability, and say hello to your new financial safety net

We’ve built a financial safety net to catch you if you fall. Never get caught off guard again by unexpected expenses. Now, gig workers can get a cash advance of up to $2,500 when you create an account with Moves.

“I don't know how i would pay for an unexpected expense”


No need to tackle financial anxiety alone, we’re all in this together

It’s about time your work is being recognized. We’re committed to building a community that celebrates the success of gig workers and help them reach their goals. As the gig economy evolves, our offerings will evolve alongside with it to ensure there is financial peace of mind for you, always.

“I’ve been in situations where i've really needed a few hundred dollars”


Affordable rates and easy payment schedule

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Never have to get caught off guard again by unexpected expenses

Advance your gig career with reliable access to cash

Traditional loans for gig workers are non-existent. That's why we've built a tailored solution for your financial needs. Our goal is to provide trusted financial education so that you can make better money decisions for yourself.

Emergencies happen. And being an independent worker shouldn’t disqualify you from accessing affordable financial products.

But if your status as an independent ‘gig’ worker makes it impossible to find low fee personal loans or credit limit increases, what do you do?

Rather than resorting to payday lenders (please don’t!) or banks that won’t accept self-employment as proof of income, Moves has designed offerings to provide low-fee personal loans for gig workers in the form of a line of credit.

Moves is the ultimate payday loan alternative for independent workers. Because Moves works exclusively with freelancers and gig workers, you never have to worry about being refused credit because of the type of work you do.

Moves charges a one-time 2% service fee and offers a longer 10-week payment window - providing gig workers the best alternative to credit cards or payday loans when it comes to cost and flexibility in managing their expenses.

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