Business Cash Advance

Access up to $2,000 when you need it

A Cash Advance built for the way you work. Access funds to help cover unexpected expenses by depositing your gig earnings with Moves.


Not sure if your platform is eligible?

Gig work is unpredictable. Your money doesn't have to be.

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Support multiple income streams

Any earnings deposited from our 20+ supported gig platforms can help you qualify. The more you deposit, the bigger the Cash Advance.

Depositing earnings into Moves

Deposit-based Cash Advances

Our real-time assessments will automatically adjust members’ eligibility based on their gig deposits and banking activity. No credit checks required.

Keep track of your earnings and expenses

Transparent, flexible, and affordable

Members repay the funded amount and a low service fee, interest-free. A portion of each gig deposit made to your account will go towards your repayment.

Better banking that keeps your gig business top of mind

Build a healthier relationship with your everyday finances. Moves offers one convenient account to manage your gig income and access Cash Advances when you need them.

Get A Clear Picture of How You Work

From weekly goal tracking to real-time deposit notifications, stop juggling between apps and manage your current and historical earnings, all from one account

“With reduced income from Covid and Christmas approaching Moves has been able to help by making sure I has presents under the tree without spending and arm or a leg on interest.”

Kelly - Uber Driver

Access your money where you want it, when you want it

Withdraw money at over 55,000+ free ATMs. Plus, members can access their weekly payouts up to two-days early±± at no additional cost

“It’s good that there’s a specialized institution just for the gig economy so that things specific to us can be addressed.”

Jerome - Uber Driver

Own more of your work as you spend

Get free stock rewards in the gig companies you work for - earn stock rewards on all eligible purchases made on your Moves Card

“"If a company’s goal is to ensure people who do work on their own terms are financially secure then that’s saying a lot."”

Leddy - Uber Driver

Deposit $100 to get started today

Unlock your first Cash Advance when you deposit $100 of gig income with Moves, interest-free. No credit checks required.

It’s about time your work is being recognized

When no other banks take your business seriously, we do. We want to support independent workers on a journey to build confidence in their finances with no additional pressure.

A Business Cash Advance (BCA) is a calculated amount given to you based on your future earnings – all without ever checking your credit history. Your future earnings represent the anticipated income that you will earn in the future. With our BCA, you are receiving a cash advance today in exchange for providing a small portion of your future income to Moves – this portion is represented by Moves’ low service fee. Moves’ Cash Advance for independent contractors and gig workers serve those who are overlooked by traditional financial institutions and equip them with the same resources given to small businesses to succeed.

  • Once you deposit $100 of gig earnings into your Moves Spending Account, you will unlock our first Cash Advance tier of $25. As you deposit more gig income, you will be eligible for bigger cash advances.

  • However, a strong repayment history and healthy overall account status will also be taken into consideration for bigger Cash Advance amounts as you build your reputation with Moves.

  • Note: Once you have paid off your Cash Advance, there is a 5-day cooling off period before you are able to request another advance.

A Business Cash Advance can be used for anything related to your gig business. Even a small business cash advance can go a long way. Take Andrea for example. She recently broke her phone and until she replaces it, she can’t get back on the road.

With Moves, Andrea is able to have a financial safety net where she can reliably and quickly access cash, without ever having to break her own bank.

From using your cash advance for debt consolidation to emergency business expenses, this is the peace of mind that all gig workers deserve.

Yes. In order to qualify for a Cash Advance you will need a Moves Spending Account and a minimum of $100 in gig deposits over the past 28-day period.

Our automatic repayment system is easy, smart, and adaptable. After you have received your Cash Advance funding, a portion of each gig payout deposited into your Spending Account is applied to your Cash Advance repayment until your account is settled. Each repayment adjusts to how much you earn. Moves members have the option to instantly pay off or catch up on scheduled payments right from the Moves app at anytime.