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Gig work is unpredictable. Your money doesn't have to be.

Tailor-made to support your gig business. Easily access up to $1,000, interest-free.
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We see you for who you are and we appreciate it. You don’t have to be turned down again as a gig worker, it’s free to create an account!

Easy Payment Schedule

Our flexible payment schedule is built for the ups and downs of gig work. Instantly pay off, catch up, or defer scheduled payments.

Keep It Simple

Alternative to credit cards, we've scrapped interest rates in favor of one simple, affordable service fee of 3.5% on Cash Advances issued.

No Paperwork, No Problem

Moves does not require your credit score! Your eligibility is based on gig income deposited into Moves. No pay stubs or proof of income required.

Real Member Support, Not Bots

We believe in real human interaction, not automated emails. We provide 5-star support so you can get on with your finances, worry-free.

Your sigh of relief when managing your finances

Find stability with Moves - track, manage and access your money all from one account.

Say goodbye to unpredictability and say hello to reliability

Never get caught off guard again by unexpected expenses. Now, gig workers can get a Cash Advance of up to $1,000 when you open a Moves bank account for freelancers

“With reduced income from Covid and Christmas approaching Moves has been able to help by making sure I has presents under the tree without spending and arm or a leg on interest.”

Kelly - Uber Driver

Money directly in your pocket, the instant you need it

Connect your gig deposits and watch your Cash Advance availability grow! Eligible members can receive instant funding directly into their account at anytime.

“It’s good that there’s a specialized institution just for the gig economy so that things specific to us can be addressed.”

Jerome - Uber Driver

No need to tackle financial anxiety alone, we’re all in this together

We do not collect interest on unpaid balances! We’re committed to building a community that celebrates the success of gig workers and helps them reach their goals, not penalize them.

“"If a company’s goal is to ensure people who do work on their own terms are financially secure then that’s saying a lot."”

Leddy - Uber Driver

Understanding Your Business Cash Advance

Received Amount
Payback terms
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Compared to others
Total payment: $258.80

It’s about time your work is being recognized

When no other banks take your business seriously, we do. We want to support independent workers on a journey to build confidence in their finances with no additional pressure.
Are Business Cash Advances loans? Simply, no.

A Business Cash Advance (BCA) is not a loan, but rather, a calculated amount given to you based on your future earnings – all without ever checking your credit history.

Your future earnings represent the anticipated income that you will earn in the future. With our BCA, you are receiving a cash advance today in exchange for providing a small portion of your future income to Moves - this portion is represented by Moves’ 3.5% service fee.

The terms of a BCA are covered by a commercial agreement between the vendor and the ‘business’ (the business can be an individual working as a gig worker, freelancer, sole proprietor, or similar).
A Moves Business Cash Advance (BCA) is our take on business merchant advances but for gig workers. Neither a Moves BCA or merchant cash advances are loans, rather it considers your future earnings and sets appropriate fees to ensure sustainable repayment.

Merchant Cash Advances are alternatives to small business loans (gig workers not included). However, Moves treats gig workers as their own business entity so that they are equipped with the same resources as small businesses.
A Business Cash Advance can be used for anything related to your gig business. Even a small business cash advance can go a long way. Take Andrea for example. She recently broke her phone and until she replaces it, she can’t get back on the road.

With Moves, Andrea is able to have a financial safety net where she can reliably and quickly access cash, without ever having to break her own bank.

Based on her gig earnings, Andrea is able to receive a $500 advance while only incurring a 3.5% charge on the amount issued. In total, Andrea pays back $517.50 over the course of 10 weeks at equal installments of $51.75/week, allowing her to get back on her feet and into the driver’s seat.

From using your cash advance for debt consolidation to emergency business expenses, this is the peace of mind that all gig workers deserve

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