What to know before getting started with Wonolo App: pay, jobs, reviews, and more

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  • What to know before getting started with Wonolo App: pay, jobs, reviews, and more
PUBLISHED BY Steve Johnson / September 1, 2022

It was only a matter of time before an online staffing platform entered the gig economy space, connecting available workers with companies in different industries that need jobs filled. Enter the Wonolo app.

Founded in 2014, there are currently more than 1 million workers across the US on the Wonolo app looking to find jobs that enable them to gain experience, up-level their job skills, work in different industries, and more!

What is Wonolo app?

Wonolo app is a streamlined version of the old temporary service staffing industry. A new on-demand staffing platform that helps connect independent contractors with jobs across the country, or in their own neighborhoods. This is the new way for workers that are looking for anything from short-term jobs to extra income or to build skills in different industries. With flexible daily and hourly shifts to choose from and career building opportunities relevant to the jobs of today, Wonolo is the marketplace for the future of work.

Transparency is a must in today’s gig economy.  Unlike temp agencies that require appointments, interviews, and applications often to be completed in a brick and mortar location, Wonolo’s mobile app makes it easy for workers to find jobs, get paid, and keep their independence.  

Workers have the flexibility within the Wonolo app to accept jobs wherever and whenever they want to work.  In addition, workers using the Wonolo app can find jobs, up-level job skills, and even discover new industries. The Wonolo app offers opportunities ranging from warehouse, delivery, and merchandising, to event staffing and admin roles.

Wonolo vs. temp agencies

How Does Wonolo Work? 

There are thousands of opportunities to Work Now Locally (Wo-No-Lo) on the Wonolo app. In order to accept jobs on Wonolo, you must meet these minimum requirements:

  • You are at least 18 years old
  • You have a valid social security number or business EIN;
  • And you have access to a smartphone. 

Download the Wonolo app. Then create an account. Creating an account is extremely simple. Enter your name, provide an email address and create a password.  You will also be prompted to enter a zip code so you can see the available jobs in the area.

After completing the onboarding process, which may include background checks required for specific jobs, it is possible to get started working within a day.

Once you are signed on, you can search various job categories as well as specific locations to find jobs that match your needs. Unlike many apps, you search the work you are looking for instead of waiting for acceptable offers to come through. The listed jobs provide detailed descriptions of what you will be doing, how much the job pays, dates, and times the job needs to be completed, the location and even travel tips! 

You can also select longer term contracts within the app. Before accepting your first job, make sure to enter your direct deposit information so you can get paid. 

Using Wonolo with Moves

🔥 Hot tip: This is a perfect time to set up or connect your Moves account to the Wonolo app. Moves is a tailor-made bank account for freelancers and gig workers where you can improve your day-to-day finances and access cash advances.  

With over 1.8 million jobs listed, Wonolo App is the place for independent contractors to find the opportunities they are looking for. After you accept the job you want, you are able to rate your experience and get paid as a Wonoloer! Rinse and Repeat.


What does Wonolo pay? 

These jobs all have different pay ranges which are based on many factors but you can expect to find many jobs paying between $16 to $19 per hour.  All the information needed to make an informed decision on accepting jobs on Wonolo app is provided upfront.  

Whether you’re looking for a temporary side hustle idea or full time position, Wonolo pays per shift to your bank account or debit card, generally within 1-5 days of completing a job.

Wonolo also offers access to Portable Benefits. The Wonolo Up program allows workers to take advantage of affordable health insurance plans, investment tools, tele-medicine and more portable perks offered by third-party providers.

Job categories on Wonolo

Where is Wonolo app available?

Wonolo is currently available in 27 cities across the US and is rapidly expanding to new markets. Just enter your city into the app and see the jobs offered in your area. 

You can even accept some jobs weeks in advance as some businesses are looking to fill positions for future dates, especially if you’re looking for ways to make extra money for the holidays. If you accept a job and then realize you need to cancel, you can withdraw from a job at least 12 hours before the shift begins.

Wonolo app seems to be very popular with people looking to target specific industry work, while also allowing workers the ability to advance their skill set.  When comparing Wonolo app to the days of ‘Temp Agencies’ it has all of the advantages without some of the time consuming hurdles.  No more resumes.  No more interviews.  Wonolo makes the world of work simple.

Are you thinking about working on Wonolo? Do you feedback about the platform? We would love to hear your thoughts be included in this review! Let us know at [email protected]

Steve Johnson

Steve Johnson aka ‘The Rideshare Rodeo’ has been working in the gig economy since 2014. He’s done everything from rideshare, delivery, grocery, to last mile services, and other off brand apps. Along with running a gig workers website called UberLyftDrivers.com since 2017, Steve also hosts the Rideshare Rodeo podcast and is a Youtube creator for gig economy content. Based out of Colorado, Steve is an expert on the gig economy and passionate to help other gig workers pave a successful career.

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