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PUBLISHED BY Sally Pau / August 16, 2021

A month ago, we announced the launch of the Moves Spending Account. We’ve been laying down the groundwork to establish Moves as the home of your gig business, but it didn’t stop there.

Gig workers are always on the move. Between dropping off deliveries to picking up new passengers–you don’t have time to waste. As we strive to be the all-in-one financial solution for the way you work, we redesigned and streamlined your cash tab to help you better understand and manage your money.

We’re making banking for gig workers easy – now you can view your current Spending Account balance, available Cash Advance amount, and recent transactions in one view. In addition, we’ve added new features like the Moves Virtual Card and expected payouts!


Get On The Move, Instantly

Gig workers need instant accessibility to money given the unpredictable nature of their work.

With our new Moves Virtual Card, you’ll be able to make online or in-store contactless payments without ever having to expose your actual account information. All members will have a Virtual Card created for them automatically once they’ve been approved for a Moves Spending Account.

Best of all – your Virtual Card is free and it’s as flexible as your business. Just as you would with a physical card, you can load money onto your Virtual Card via instant payouts, Moves’ Cash Advance, or direct deposits from your gig platforms and use it whenever you need. No card activation is necessary.

In doing so, Moves provides one convenient account to keep track of all your money available to you, eliminating the need to juggle multiple gig apps and bank accounts.

You can still use your Virtual Card once you’ve received your physical Moves Card. Both cards connect to your Moves Spending Account. Whether you use your Virtual Card as a backup or your primary payment option, you will always have the means to access your money without having to worry about a lost, stolen, or duplicated card.

Better Insights Into Your Earnings

Gig workers working across various gig apps often have to memorize multiple deposits schedules. Lyft payouts are initiated on Tuesdays, whereas Uber payouts are initiated on Wednesdays. The question of, “how much money is being deposited into my account this week?” can be a tough one to juggle, especially as you introduce more gig apps to your belt.

Let us do the mundane work while you focus on doing what you do best.

We took your weekly earnings a step further by introducing expected payouts. Now you can see an estimate of how much money you have earned that has yet to be deposited into your account! Paired with your Moves Spending Account and Virtual Card, you can move with confidence knowing how much money you can expect each week.

To help paint of picture of how expected payouts work–let’s say you’ve made $74 on Uber that hasn’t been deposited yet. This means you would have an expected payout of $74 at your scheduled payout date and based on Uber’s deposit schedule, this would be Wednesday.

Now Supporting Gopuff

We’ve added Gopuff to help you stay connected and easily manage your gig business! You can now connect your Gopuff account to keep track of your earnings.

To enjoy all of our latest updates and new feature releases, be sure to update your Moves app to the latest version!

Sally Pau

Sally is the Growth Marketer at Moves. With years of experience as an independent contractor, she understands both the fulfillment and challenges that come with the gig economy. Now, she is enthusiastic to help build a collective voice to put gig workers at the forefront and drive meaningful change.

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