5 Tips to Show Gig Workers Love on Valentine’s Day

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PUBLISHED BY Emilie / February 10, 2022

Valentine’s Day is right around the corner! On this special day, love is in the air and gig workers are on the move. Whether you’re ordering a Valentine’s Day food delivery, a Valentine’s Day chocolate delivery, or hailing a ride to visit a loved one, we want to make sure that all gig workers feel the love for this Valentine’s Day as well. Here are five ways that you can show love to a gig worker on Valentine’s Day 2022!

Write a “Thank you” Card
There’s no better way to spread love than with genuine appreciation. In a job where extra effort is often under-appreciated, consider, for Valentine’s Day, purchasing a greeting card for a gig worker and providing them with a handwritten note to thank them for their hard work and service over these difficult months and years.

How can you do this? It’s simple. Take a trip to your local convenience store and purchase a friendly greeting card. Then when you use the services of a gig worker this Valentine’s Day, such as for ordering in food or hailing a ride, take note of the gig worker’s name. While waiting for your ride to come to pick you up or for your food to arrive, you can write a short, personalized thank you card to your gig worker.

You never realize how much of an impact one small kind gesture and sign of appreciation can make on someone’s day, week, or even life!

five star review for valentine's day food delivery

Leave Them a Glowing Review
Gig workers rely on reviews. Not only do they need good reviews, but they need a lot of positive reviews in order to demonstrate their excellent track history and customer service skills!

When you order food or a ride this Valentine’s Day, do your courier or driver a favor and write them an extra nice review. This simple act of kindness is incredibly important because not only will you be making a gig worker’s day with your kind words, but you will be helping them get more gigs and assisting them in building their gig app reputation.

Go on a Delivery ‘Date’
This is a fun one! Do you have a friend or a loved one who is a gig worker? For this Valentine’s Day, consider keeping them company by going on a delivery date with them. Whether they are a friend or a loved one, nobody wants to be alone on Valentine’s Day! Try asking your gig working loved one if you can join them on their food deliveries.

What’s even better than accompanying your delivery driving companion is that you can bring along some of your favorite foods too! Delivery drivers are always having to sit in a car with the delicious aromas of other people’s food delivery orders, but this Valentine’s Day, you can give them their own special delivery food order!

Buy a Treat or Baked Goods
Next time you find yourself looking up “Valentine’s Day cookie delivery” or “Valentine’s Day dinner delivery,” consider adding an extra little treat to your order for your delivery driver. They’ve likely had a long day and are sacrificing their Valentine’s Day to bring you a nice fresh meal or dessert. Providing a gig worker with a special treat will give them the energy and morale boost that they need and deserve!

Give the Gift of Gift Cards
Gig workers put in a lot of effort to bring you and your loved ones food! This Valentine’s day, you can choose to give food to a gig worker and their loved ones!

It’s simple, all you have to do is purchase a gift card and give it to a gig worker. Some ideas for gift cards include grocery gift cards since groceries can get expensive, a gift card for a nice meal at a local restaurant, or even a gift card for gas! Consider helping a gig worker cover their costs by giving them a gas gift card! Gig drivers use lots of gas to deliver food orders or even to deliver YOU if you’ve ordered a ride.

Bonus: Combine all of These Methods
We know the title of this article says “5 Tips to Show Gig Workers Love on Valentine’s Day,” but there’s a secret 6th! The 6th way to show love to a gig worker this Valentine’s Day is to combine a couple or even all of these tips!

If you’re planning on giving a gig worker a thank you card, how about also providing a 5-star review? Heck, you could even throw in a treat or baked good if you’re already ordering one! The choice is entirely yours, but we hope that you show some love and appreciation to a gig worker this Valentine’s Day—especially if you’re ordering a ride or food delivery on Valentine’s Day!


Emilie has been with Moves since January 2022 as a Growth Marketing Intern. She is in her fourth year of university and is passionate about exploring the world of personal finance. As a self-identified hustler, when Emilie is not at Moves, she can be found teaching beginner marketing boot camps at her university or working at one of many local concert venues.

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