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PUBLISHED BY Sally Pau / May 18, 2023

When you share your referral link and invite other gig workers to Moves, you will earn $10 cash… but we’re throwing in something extra for you.

For a limited time from now until June 8, 2023, every Moves member who makes a successful referral will also receive a free ‘Gig Work is Real Work’ t-shirt!

Claiming your free T-shirt

For a limited time, we will be giving out a free ‘Gig Work is Real Work’ t-shirt for every member who makes a successful referral—on top of your $10 cash reward.

To be eligible, you need to have a Moves Spending Account and have received at least one gig deposit from a supported gig platform.

Get paid to spread the word

You can refer as many gig workers as you would like, so the more you refer, the more you can earn! Just head over to your Profile tab to find your unique referral link and QR code to start sharing in-person and online.

Simply send your referral link via text, email, or on social media and whenever you’re out and about, you can pull out your QR code as you pass by other gig workers on the road.

Sally Pau

Sally is the Growth Marketer at Moves. With years of experience as an independent contractor, she understands both the fulfillment and challenges that come with the gig economy. Now, she is enthusiastic to help build a collective voice to put gig workers at the forefront and drive meaningful change.

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