Part 7

PUBLISHED BY Alwin Wong / January 18, 2022

It’s worth clarifying that this post describes areas of our product strategy and roadmap that we’re still exploring and designing. Specific details about how and when we implement the features described below will be determined as we evolve our product and get feedback from our members.

The term “Collective” is a bit ambiguous and loaded. And as we started designing the “Moves Collective”, we took inspiration from a few historical analogs. In essence, it has characteristics of legal cooperatives, credit unions, unions, and something completely new: a mechanism to dynamically share ownership, governance, and value with its members — you.

A big part of our strategy to do this relies on a technology called blockchain. Something that we intend to invest in over the next few years.
Don’t roll your eyes quite yet. We know there’s still a lot of skepticism about what this technology is and what it can do. So I’ll do my best to paint a picture for you.
In designing Moves, and contemplating the Moves Collective, we need a way to dynamically distribute a token of value to our members that represents a real aligning of economic interests.

We want members to share economic benefits, governance rights, and have access to compounding ownership the earlier they join us, the more they participate, and the more value they contribute to the Moves Collective. Think of this analogously to membership units in a coop, but with more design space to innovate.

We see that token of value being built on blockchain technology. And for lack of a better term, we call it a Moves token.

As members join, participate, and contribute to the Moves Collective, they will earn Moves tokens for the actions they take.

This, combined with the unique attributes and achievements of each of our members — which could be represented with unique NFT designs — will make up the basis for a new economic system designed for gig workers. Ultimately, the Moves Collective will belong to you. And your stake in it will be valuable.

And as more gig workers join our movement, the Collective will grow in value and in voice; all to the benefit of its members.

The future of the gig economy will be heavily influenced by the Moves Collective, and it’ll belong to gig workers like you.

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