Part 4

PUBLISHED BY Alwin Wong / January 18, 2022

We have a long-term plan to fix some of the fundamental issues of the gig economy I described in previous posts.

But as we started peeling back the onion to better understand the daily lives of gig workers, what surprised me the most was how much *shit* you put up with to do your jobs.

Being a gig worker already requires hustle and work ethic and self-motivation, but I didn’t fully appreciate how much patience and frustration were part of the job too.

Where it was most obvious to us was how gig workers are forced to manage their money.

Again, gig companies started by asking themselves what was best for them; and out of that line of thinking came a series of bad products, fragmented user experiences, and unreasonable hoops to jump through, just so that a gig worker could adequately manage their cash flow…adequately, at best.

So when we started building Moves, this is what we first prioritized. We wanted to build a world-class seamless experience where a gig worker could manage all of their earnings and cash flow from a single account, access additional cash when needed, and never have to jump back and forth between multiple restrictive bank accounts tied to each gig app you work for.

Our work on this continues. And we won’t stop until we’re able to provide the best all-in-one financial product available for gig workers anywhere.

Considering how unique our user base is, we wanted to build a user relationship that extended beyond the basics. Again, this is where we differentiate what we’re building from being less of a “bank” and more of a “credit union.”

Although there are a lot of nuances to this distinction, ultimately we want our members to be front and center in our business model and in our product choices.

In every decision that we make, we first ask what is most valuable to our members, before considering how we can monetize or profit. And any profit that we do generate, we envision being reinvested into continuing on our journey to reshape the gig economy for workers like you.

So where does this leave us? In essence, we’re on a path to serve the millions of gig workers who are experiencing unnecessary frustrations and obstacles in their pursuit of a livelihood and their desire for work independence.

Where the story gets more exciting to us is imagining what becomes possible when we serve and coordinate so many gig workers through one platform. All of a sudden, real change becomes within reach.

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