Moves Newsletter – May 2021


PUBLISHED BY Alwin Wong / June 3, 2021

Big things are coming. As the weather gets warmer, you’ll be needing some Moves-flavored refreshments: check out our growth across the country and learn how you can apply for the new Moves Card! Plus, we’ve got a new community initiative that we think you’d like to get involved in… Scroll to see what’s new! 🍹

We’re in 49 States! 📍

Thanks to your support, Moves has grown so much over the months. We’re excited to share that we are now officially in 49 states (North Dakota, we’re coming for you)! It’s the perfect time to begin building a strong community of gig workers, and we want your help:

The Moves Community & You!

Help us build a Moves community that is most beneficial to you! As the home for your gig business, your feedback will guide us in creating a well-rounded hub to help you grow financially as a proud Mover. Share your thoughts! 

Cash in a Flash!

Last month we introduced you to our Moves Card. Now, it’s finally available to everyone! 🥳 With the Moves Card, you can get immediate access to money whenever you need it without any monthly or overdraft fees.

Become a Moves member and sign up for a Business Cash Advance to become eligible for the Moves Card. It’s 100% free. Download our app and get your hands on our Moves Card today — you deserve it! Join Moves today.

Gig Worker of the Month

The gig worker of the month to win a $50 gift card and exclusive Moves hoodie is Danielle! She’s a mother of two who currently works from home and delivers Doordash on the side. In the future, she hopes to become a business owner and live a passive income lifestyle so she can spend more time with her kids! Read her full story on our Humans on the Move page or submit your own to get featured!

In case you missed it…

Here is the round-up of the latest financial and gig resources to keep you moving:

Alwin Wong

Alwin is the Growth Manager at Moves and a part-time freelance photographer. With the rise of the gig economy, he is excited by a world where people can have greater flexibility over their work and challenge the norms of having a traditional 9-to-5 job. Alwin is also an avid travel enthusiast and Toronto Raptors basketball fan.

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