Moves Newsletter – March 2022


PUBLISHED BY emilie / April 1, 2022

Happy April! It’s been a busy month, and we have rolled out tons of new updates! We recently launched our Moves tax guide, expanded the Moves Collective stock rewards*, and more! These are definitely some updates to check out 🔥

Your Weekly Payouts, But Faster  

You worked hard for your money, so why not get it sooner? If you haven’t already, set up your direct deposits and you’ll automatically start receiving your weekly payouts up to two days early at no additional cost!

Earn Stock* in Your Top Gig Company

With more gig workers owning a bigger share of the gig economy each day, we’re building a voice that can’t be ignored. Moves Collective members will now receive stock rewards* from their top gig company based on gig deposits made in the past 28 days. This gives you the opportunity to earn shares across six different gig companies⁠—WOW!

We Answered All Your Tax Questions

Tax planning and management for gig workers is no easy feat. That’s why we worked with a tax professional to put together a guide for answering all your questions about taxes related to gig work for free! We’ve got you covered on all things tax-related, from documents to deductibles.

If you have any follow-up tax questions that were not answered in the tax guide, let us know and we will be sure to add them to part three!

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