Moves Newsletter – June 2022


PUBLISHED BY Emilie / July 28, 2022

July already?! The weather is hot and our updates are hotter 🔥 From introducing Weekly Earnings Goal to in-app card activation and more, just like you––we’ve been busy!

Here’s what’s new with Moves:

  • Set Goals: Set Weekly Earnings Goals in your Moves app
  • Tripled Reward: We increased our referral reward by 3x
  • Cash Out: Send GrubHub payouts to your Moves account
  • Activate In-app: Activate your Moves Card in-app
  • Gas Cash Back: We saved members $12,600 on gas

Helping fuel our members 💥

Gas prices took a toll on your work and we wanted to do what we could to help reduce the financial stress by offering 5% cash back on all gas purchases. For two months until June 4th, we saved our members a total of $12,600!

Introducing Weekly Earnings Goal

Now you can set a ‘Weekly Earnings Goal’ in your Moves app to help you work towards achieving your goals by better tracking and understanding your earnings across connected gigs! Your weekly goal will be set to $1,000 by default. If you wish to change your goal, you can tap on ‘This Week’s Earnings’ and select how much you aim to earn each week!

We tripled our referral reward

Every time you refer a gig worker, you own more of the gig economy and our voice grows as a collective. That’s why we increased our referral reward to $30 in stock* for each gig worker you refer to Moves who makes a deposit!

No gig worker should be left behind. Terms and conditions apply. 

Grubhub adds instant cash out

GrubHub delivery drivers can now access their earnings faster and easier!In order to switch your direct deposit with GrubHub, you will need to manually do so with GrubHub driver support directly. Grubhub, may require you to obtain a bank letter from Moves––if this is the case, simply email us at [email protected] and we’d be happy to provide that for you.

Activate your Moves Card in-app

We know that time is money for gig workers, and calling a number to activate a card can take time out of your gigs. Now, you can activate new cards and set your new PIN right from the Moves app with no hassle!


Emilie has been with Moves since January 2022 as a Growth Marketing Intern. She is in her fourth year of university and is passionate about exploring the world of personal finance. As a self-identified hustler, when Emilie is not at Moves, she can be found teaching beginner marketing boot camps at her university or working at one of many local concert venues.

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