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PUBLISHED BY Sally Pau / December 22, 2021

Just like that–the year is quickly coming to an end. Give yourself a huge pat on the back because you are one of the frontline workers that have continued to step up to the plate. All of your hard work collectively helped millions of families across the country. You put in the hours to deliver hot meals, groceries and offer your time and services to help many through uncertain times.

For Moves, 2021 was a huge year. From launching our app in the United States for the very first time to introducing our Moves Spending Account, Visa Debit Card, and most recently, the Moves Collective. We certainly wouldn’t be where we are today without each and every one of you.

Thank you for trusting us to be the home of your gig business, for carving time out of your busy schedules to hop on user interviews to help us better understand how you work, and for your support as our team worked through the kinks to build an exceptional app that you can rely on.

Our team has been and will continue to be here to support you by building on our all-in-one financial app to give you the tools you need to understand your gig business, better manage your money, access Business Cash Advances when you need them, and start owning a piece of the gig economy* you helped build with the Moves Collective.

Enough about us–let’s see how all of you have been moving with Moves!

Moves Members Across the Country

We officially launched our mobile application on iOS and Android in March and by the time we reached July, we had members across 50 states! We’ve seen a lot of movement across the country and currently, 10% of our members are from Georgia, 9% are from California, 9% are from Texas, 8% are from Florida, and 4% are from Arizona.

Breaking it down by city, we have the most Moves Members in Atlanta followed by Chicago, Houston, Dallas, and Los Angeles. Which city do you think will take first place next year?

Our Movers Kept Moving

Now looking at the gig platforms you all work on! While we support 15+ gig platforms, our top ones across all Moves Members were Uber, DoorDash, Instacart, and Lyft! We can’t wait to see what our top gig platforms will be next year as we continue to see the gig economy boom with new gig platforms popping up and more individuals pursuing gig work as their primary source of income!

Now let’s look at how much Moves members are on track to earn. We’re seeing $58,676,603 of annualized earnings across all members! It’s true when they say that gig workers love the hustle and grind!

Seeing the Power in Numbers

Since launching, we’ve talked to thousands of gig workers across the country and heard about the common issues we see with the gig economy. The lack of living wages, tip transparency, health benefits, job security, and representation just to name a few. We decided enough is enough, which is why we launched the Moves Collective in September.

We have just started to roll out invites and already have members owning shares with the Moves Collective! As we continue to grow and reward more of you with shares* in the gig companies you help power, we will build a voice that can’t be ignored. It’s time to make huge strides in 2022 and we’re excited to have you with us on this journey.

Happy Holidays from us to you and your families! We hope you’re ready for what we have in store for you.

Sally Pau

Sally is the Growth Marketer at Moves. With years of experience as an independent contractor, she understands both the fulfillment and challenges that come with the gig economy. Now, she is enthusiastic to help build a collective voice to put gig workers at the forefront and drive meaningful change.

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