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PUBLISHED BY Farbod / February 5, 2021

Executing on a Seamless Delivery Experience to Maximize Tips

If you are currently a food delivery driver, then you must be familiar with the all too frequent story of tipless customers. It is never pleasant to have your efforts unrecognized, but do not let that stop you from putting your best foot forward every time. Here at Moves, we want to help you reach your peak financial opportunity, and so below are a few tips to help you maximize your tips after a food delivery!

It starts with the pickup

Despite the simple instructions to pick up the order and go, there are a few opportunities a delivery driver can take to make sure that the customer will be satisfied.

Double-check the order is complete

One of the worst feelings for a customer is an incomplete order. Although it may not be your fault, this situation will not put the customer in a good mood to make them feel generous for tipping. By making sure their order is complete, you can prevent all those negative emotions and guide them to a happy place where they appreciate your efforts to bring the order in its entirety.

Add on the freebies

Ketchup, mustard, salt, and pepper are only a few examples of some free condiments that many restaurants offer. Think about what your customers are ordering. Is it fries? Why not ask for some extra ketchup packets to go with it? If they asked for a burger, including some extra ketchup and mustard packets may often be a delightful surprise. It comes at no extra cost to you or the customer and you never know who might have forgotten to include that in the notes section of their order. This small gesture can once again bring your customer extra satisfaction, making them more likely to be generous with your tips.

Triple check for straws

An incomplete order may be more serious, but if your customer ordered a drink and doesn’t have a straw to go with it, they may be too annoyed to properly give you the tip you deserve. Prevent that frustration and voice how you went the extra mile to make sure they had everything they needed to make their meal as pleasant as possible. You would be surprised how something so small can make such a difference in a dining experience.

It continues with the delivery

You have now done everything you can to make the order complete with no missing pieces and it is time to deliver. Take advantage of human interaction and use the tips below to make the exchange with customers as pleasant as possible!

Dress well and smile

If you are working for delivery apps that do not have a dress code, use the opportunity to dress like the people to which you will deliver. It will make your customers feel more connected to you, thereby making them more likely to want to help you in the form of tips. For example, if you live in a university town and most of the orders come from college students, try your best to style in a way to which they can relate. If most of your orders are from parents, try to dress like a family person yourself! Regardless of how you choose to dress, make sure that the interaction is pleasant by always providing service with a smile!

Voice how you went the extra mile

Don’t be afraid to tell the customers how you double and triple checked to make sure their order was complete. Say how you did not know if they liked ketchup or not so you asked for extra packets just in case. Let them know that you were willing to go the extra mile to make their experience as seamless as possible. Most of the world will deeply appreciate the added effort and often those who want to repay it will show that in the form of a generous tip.

Adding the personal touch

Nothing brightens up someone’s day quite like a nice gesture from a stranger and so take your deliveries to the next level by providing a customized note. Even a message as simple as “hope you have a wonderful meal” or “the weather is lovely today, enjoy your picnic” can really make a difference in someone’s day! For those who are always cracking jokes, research shows that humor or entertainment can actually increase tips as well. If you are worried about the little time in between orders, prepare some messages before your shift to avoid the hassle. Include a joke, a compliment, or something personal to make that experience for the customer a memorable one.

Increasing your tips may not be easy, but following our advice can certainly help better your service and create some exceptional experiences for your customers.

Enjoyed these suggestions? Keep checking our resources page for more information to reach your financial potential.

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