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PUBLISHED BY Sally Pau / April 20, 2021

The Best Jobs for Moms to Earn Extra Cash

Being a mom is no easy task. The financial responsibilities of having a family and children come by the boatload.

Five years ago, the average stay-at-home mom worked a 92-hour workweek… unpaid. Moms working on a salary juggled almost 60 hours of unpaid work off the clock. With the arrival of 2020’s pandemic and economic setbacks, the challenge of financial management has only become greater. Last year, the average cost to raise a child to 17 years of age stood at almost a quarter-million US dollars. Those are unnerving numbers.

Moms must be forward thinkers, strong organizers, and be able to prioritize the most essential components of their lives. Needless to mention, their relentless schedule can leave little time for recuperation and no time for wasted effort. 

Balance is the key, but balance is what’s most difficult. If you’re a mom reading this, we can’t speak much to the struggles of motherhood that aren’t already known. What we can say is that there are perhaps more power-ups along your journey than you’re aware.

With the help of remote apps and top-notch technology, there are more side hustle ideas for moms than ever before. That includes both one-time tasks, as well as the best part-time jobs for moms. There are even quite a few side jobs for stay-at-home moms which won’t interrupt your parenting lifestyle. In this article, we highlight some essential part-time jobs for moms, including part-time jobs for stay-at-home moms looking to stabilize or increase their finances.

Start an Online Business

The widespread accessibility of the wireless internet has changed the game. Becoming a remote worker or self-employed home-worker is as easy as it’s ever been. One of the best jobs for moms who want to take a determined step toward financial stability is to start an online business. The business doesn’t have to be big or scaled up or anything—artisan crafts and handmade goodies are in high demand these days.

Etsy is amongst the most popular websites for online-store business owners. They provide a niche marketplace for the weaver of sweaters, builders of puzzles, and vintage bag collectors. Etsy stands in tandem with a myriad of useful sites for selling homemade crafts. Each is tailored with its own flare, so shop around for the best fit. It’s one of the most flexible jobs for ‘mom on the go’ with no time to lose. Plus, it’s free and never expires—set up an account in under an hour and let the machine run itself!

Another way to monetize your assets is by selling on public marketplaces. Although it isn’t exactly a business, it requires management, organization, and good communication skills. Websites like eBay, Amazon, and Walmart get heavy traffic each day from those looking to make a sale or make a deal. Use these sites to sell old clothes or household furniture that no longer serves you.

Become an Instructor

If you have a skill worth teaching or sharing, consider making time to instruct classes. Think ‘simple and valuable.’ Yoga instructors or fitness trainers, for example, usually work part-time and keep flexible schedules. Good cooks can arrange daily or weekly cooking classes with other moms in need of a recipe. If you can sketch or paint well – there’s your class.

Reach out to your circles and advertise your services to friends and family. Schools are a perfect place to share resources and ideas with others within a community. The greatest part about instructing a skill from home is that you are, in fact, at home. This way, you can make some spare dough while your 8-year-old finishes their homework. When considering the most helpful jobs for single moms, it ranks high on the list.

Use Your House

Yes, that’s right: your house. If you’ll be spending lots of time at home or have extra space, use it to your advantage. There are a ton of ways to supplement income using your home and the things around it. Similar to teaching classes online, classes can be taught in-person—both 1-on-1 and in groups. There are websites like Neighbor which invite the use of a garage or basement to store other people’s possessions. Just list your price, provide images of your space, and remain open to the opportunity. The best part is, it’s all free. It’s one of the best jobs for stay-at-home moms with no experience and a knack for organization.

Some other home-based side hustles for moms are to start a daycare or babysitting service. You’d need an inspection and certified license to erect an official business, but it can be an investment worth making. Alternatively, babysit for friends and family for an exchange that works for all parties.

Use Your Car

This one’s a great side hustle for moms which is too often overlooked. Rent out your car when it’s not being used. If you’ve got a second or third car that rarely gets used, even better. You lay the ground rules, determine the availability, and work around your own schedule. Try using a service like Turo, which screens all its drivers beforehand and enforces mandatory insurance before you get started. An average of $700 gets banked every month by those who regularly rent out their wheels.

Yet another option is to become a rideshare driver for a company like Uber or Lyft. Use your downtime to deliver folks (or food) to where they’ve got to go for some extra cash. Again, how much you work is completely dependent upon your discretion—one of the flexible jobs for mom.

Consider taking this route if you’ve got a family member or babysitter who can watch over your children while you’re on the road. Take a look at how to become a Lyft driver if you’d like to get started.

Take Your Skills Online

Gig apps like Fiverr and Upwork offer work opportunities for self-employed and freelance workers. Apps like these are clutch jobs for moms because of their flexibility and low demands. Odds are, you’ve already got a bunch of the necessary soft skills when doing gig economy work. The next step is to spring to action. There’s also always the option of becoming a virtual assistant as well if that works better for you.

Quick Financial Tips for Moms

  • Create a Schedule: Money management is far easier when you’ve got a schedule. Plan out your time and budget beforehand. We have some great tips on how to budget as a freelance worker.
  • Start Saving Early: Birthdays are expensive. Holidays are expensive. School is expensive. Soften the blow of impending costs by saving up for the things that matter as early as possible. Divvy out a percentage of your income each month for saving either in a bank account or safe.
  • Head to the Library: There are tons of free resources at the library. Find out what materials your local library has to offer before shopping for children’s books or kids’ films.

Now you’re well on your way to make extra cash for your family! For more financial and gig economy resources, be sure to sign up for our newsletter to receive the latest content:

Sally Pau

Sally is the Growth Marketer at Moves. With years of experience as an independent contractor, she understands both the fulfillment and challenges that come with the gig economy. Now, she is enthusiastic to help build a collective voice to put gig workers at the forefront and drive meaningful change.

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