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PUBLISHED BY admin / December 23, 2020

Looking for ways to make extra money during the holidays? Check out these winter side gigs

Holiday festivities and weather changes are two of the hallmarks that make the winter season unique. However, just because people are spending time with their family or indoors doesn’t mean that your gig work should experience a slowdown. To put it another way, many gig economy platforms will help you boost your sales during this time of the year by catering to people’s changing shopping habits and needs.

I need extra money for the holidays…what do I do?

In this article, we highlight the main types of holiday gigs and winter side hustles that are currently in high demand. We also go over the top-performing gig apps with high seasonal demand to help you boost your holiday earnings over the next few weeks and months.

Finally, ways to relieve financial stress during the winter holidays – ready to dig in? We’ve selected 14 gig apps that can help you make extra money over Christmas and into the New Year:

Snow Shoveling, Plowing, and Removal

Snow chores

Many people are busy with planning family holiday events and hosting relatives from out of town. Plenty of college students will also be returning home to spend Christmas break with their families.

As a result, a lot of consumers will need their yards and driveways to be cleared of snow. Even if a family doesn’t plan on hosting any visitors or will leave town for the holidays, many states’ laws still require them to shovel and remove the snow from their driveways.

All of this makes snow removal a necessary service. Rates typically start at $50 per project for simple tasks but could go as high as $500 when the job entails plowing snow and snow removal from roofs.

Snow Shoveling and Removal Apps

If you want to make money from this type of work, consider the following apps:

  • Snohub: This is one of the most widely-used snow removal apps in the U.S. In other words, Snohub’s popularity makes it a good place to start looking for jobs in your area. Currently, Snohub is offering to pay 30% more if you sign up for premium snow clearing jobs provided on their app – that’s one way to make quick holiday money!
  • Shovler: Another reliable and convenient snow shoveling app that allows you to connect with local customers. Shovler also has a straightforward pricing model that minimizes the hassle of negotiating with customers.
  • Plowz: This is one of the best apps for independent contractors who focus on lawn and yard work. During the winter, you can take advantage of Plowz to find snow removal, shoveling, and plowing gigs. Meanwhile, when the weather gets warmer, you can transition to its sister app, Mowz, to find lawn mowing, landscaping, and other similar residential jobs.
  • Eden: Just as with Plowz, Eden is ideal for finding outdoor residential jobs including snow removal services, landscaping, and yard work. Turn your holiday side gigs into one that you can sustain all year long!

Personal Shopping & Delivery

delivery and shopping

Many consumers need help with shopping for holiday items like food, decorations, and gifts. In the same vein, plenty of shoppers are avoiding public places (like grocery stores and malls) due to the ongoing pandemic.

Consequently, this creates new and unique freelance work opportunities in the shopping and delivery space.

First of all, here are some apps for finding personal shopping gigs:

  • Instacart: Initially, the Instacart user picks a store on the app and fills their virtual cart with the items that they need. Next, their personal shopper picks up the products and delivers it to the customer’s door. Check out our Instacart tips and tricks for more details!
  • Shipt: Owned by Target, Shipt also allows freelancers and independent contractors to work as personal shoppers. However, this app primarily serves Target’s customers.
  • Postmates: Postmates is ideal for freelancers who want to deliver different types of items to their customers, including gifts, electronics, toys, and more.

Secondly, if you, yourself, prefer to avoid public places, Roadie is one of the best apps for independent contractors who want to focus on delivery gigs. After picking up a package from a mailing location or the sender, you deliver it to the receiver’s doorstep. The pay ranges between $8 and $20 per job. However, you can also earn more money by taking on long-distance deliveries. These apps make some of the best places for seasonal gigs.

Chores and Assistance with Tasks

general chores

Whether or not you live in an area that gets snowy winters, many people still need different types of help during the busy winter holiday season. The most prominent examples include hanging up (and removing) Christmas decorations and cleaning the house for family events (both before and after).

Just as importantly, travelers will probably need someone to watch their home and take care of their pets while they’re away.

We’ve selected two platforms to complete your next holiday side gig:

  • Wage: When you create a Wage account, you can browse a list of jobs in your area and start connecting with potential customers. You could also post a chore or task that you can complete, such as decorating Christmas trees. Afterward, buyers who need your service(s) can get in touch with you.
  • Gigwalk: This app includes a wide variety of jobs, ranging from small tasks that pay $5 to larger tasks that can earn you a few hundred dollars. Gigwalk partners with companies looking to complete tasks at scale, ranging from providing customer feedback or helping consumer brands collect data.

Needless to say, you could also rely on larger platforms to find seasonal winter household gigs, including Facebook and Craigslist.

Roadside Assistance

roadside assistance

This service is certainly in high demand during the winter. When the weather gets cold, drivers are much more likely to get a flat tire or have issues with their car battery.

In fact, the American Automobile Association (AAA) receives more roadside assistance requests in the winter than they do during any other season. The summer is the only exception. Meanwhile, according to the Rubber Manufacturers Association, more than 80% of U.S drivers don’t know how to change a flat tire.

Simply put, these gigs are both available and largely needed, even more so during the winter. The two best apps for roadside assistance jobs are HONK and Urgently. Both platforms can connect freelancers with millions of users who need help. Moreover, the two apps offer instant payments. It should be noted that freelance operators will need their own vehicles/tow trucks to complete the job.

Customer Service and Sales

customer service chat

The boom in online shopping is increasing the need for customer service and sales representatives to assist buyers.

For these types of gigs, all you need is a reliable phone and a quiet location to make/receive calls. Many companies will provide you with their own sales scripts and training methods.

Furthermore, finding customer service jobs is relatively easy. Firms will hire freelancers on frequently used platforms, such as Upwork. However, Workana and We Work Remotely are two prominent apps for gigs in the sales and customer service fields. Within the comforts of your own home, this is a surefire way to make a little extra money during the holidays when you have some downtime.

Hundreds of holiday job ideas – it’s now time for you to choose!

Whether you prefer to work in residential settings, on the road, or even on the phone, there are many opportunities out there for you to make extra cash this winter. Perhaps most importantly, these apps may not only show you how to make money over the holidays, but it can guide you to find long-term work that goes beyond this winter. Outdoor/lawn care, roadside assistance, and customer service are noteworthy examples.

Money should be one less thing you need to worry about during the holidays! If you enjoyed what you read, sign up for our newsletter for more valuable gig economy resources!

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