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PUBLISHED BY Emilie / March 11, 2022

🔥 2/1/2023 – UPDATE 🔥 

Moves has officially launched Moves Verify! Generate a free income and employment verification report to use as proof of income for landlords, lenders or background checks. Combine multiple earning statements from our 20+ supported gig platforms to get a full picture of your work. Create your free report today with Moves Verify: employment verification for gig workers.

If you want to supplement your Moved Verify report with other proof of income alternatives, continue below to read more!



Have you ever tried leasing a car, but you were asked to prove your income and didn’t know how? Proof of income is incredibly important to many entities, including landlords and lenders. The income you earn will determine if you are eligible to perform certain actions, such as taking out a loan, renting an apartment, or leasing a car.

How are Gig Workers Displaying Proof of Income?

Currently, many gig workers use pay stubs and screenshots from their gig apps as their primary proof of income. Some gig apps even claim that they can’t provide income verification or proof of employment because gig workers are considered independent contractors and not employees. This creates a convoluted process where it is difficult for gig workers to verify their income.

The Struggle With Proof of Gig Income

Unfortunately, many gig workers struggle when providing freelance proof of income. This is because they haven’t found a reasonable way to keep track of all of their gig earnings. 

Tracking and managing gig earnings becomes especially difficult when different gig platforms offer different forms of payment history. Many gig workers have leaned on manual methods such as taking screenshots of their gig accounts or writing down their income. Despite these manual practices becoming common for personal income tracking, most income verifiers still generally do not accept it. 

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Proving Income Through Tax Returns

One method that freelancers and gig workers can use to prove their income is through federal tax returns. A federal tax return is a legal document that shows your income and expenses for a given year. It is a document that is considered solid proof of your earnings for the year. 

One thing to note is that gig workers are not always required to report their income below a specific amount. For this reason, your tax returns may underestimate your total earnings for that year. If your tax returns are underestimating your income, you must be sure to provide additional documents such as a bank statement to supplement the tax return and prove unreported income. 

Another tax form that can be used as proof of income for gig workers is a 1099 tax form. There are three types of 1099 forms that gig workers should understand: Form 1099-K, Form 1099 NEC, and Form 1099-MISC.

Why Gig Workers Need PDF Bank Statements

Another method of income verification is through Bank Statements. A Bank Statement displays all financial transactions found on a bank account for a specific time period. 

Bank statements are vital records for tracking income and other financial transactions. A current bank statement that displays account ownership, as well as up-to-date banking information, is considered valid proof of income. These bank statements will assist in your ability to take out a loan, rent an apartment, apply for a credit card, lease a car, and more.

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Uber Proof of Income

Many Uber drivers might wonder, “How do I show proof of income with Uber?” Drivers can track their income on with Uber pay statements. Drivers can view and download their pay statements by period. Pay statements are captured weekly and only for weeks where a payment has been received. 

Drivers looking for a more comprehensive earnings statement will need to navigate to Uber’s payment tab. Under the Uber payment tab, you will discover the details of your weekly pay period. You will see your most recent week’s pay, but if you would like to view a previous statement, you can select, Pay Period above the Date field and specify a new date range.

Youtuber, DoorDash Delivery, has shared images of his Uber proof of income. After working 22 hours in a given week, he had received $612.15 and said his earnings are “pretty straightforward”.

uber proof of income

You can see total earnings, net earnings, tips earnings, and promotional earnings all on the earnings breakdown page. You can also see how many hours you were online for, how many trips you took, and on which days you earned the most.

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DoorDash Proof of Income

Rather than instructing third party agencies who require income verification to submit a request through verification platforms like TrueWork. Moves provides free DoorDash income verification at your convenience. Provide an email, link your gig accounts, and a verification report will be sent to you within the hour.

DoorDash may also provide official records of your earnings, however, you will have to contact DoorDash to submit a request.


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Lyft Proof of Income

When you search income verification on the Lyft website, the first phrase you come across is “Lyft can’t verify income.” So to officially supplement your Moves Verify Lyft employment verification report, Lyft can provide drivers with proof of yearly earnings.

Using Lyft, you can receive an Annual Summary of your earnings using the “Tax Information” tab on your Lyft dashboard. Once there, you can click documents and then click download. Alternatively, you can access your weekly summaries by opening, Driving History on your Dashboard menu and downloading the selected week.


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Grubhub Proof of Income

Like all platforms mentioned above, Grubhub drivers are considered independent contractors. With that being said, Grubhub still offers proof of income alternatives for its drivers. Some examples include:

  • A pay summary that does not have the driver’s name on it. Pay summaries can be found in either your email or in the Grubhub Driver’s App
  • A delivery partner agreement form 
  • A copy of the previous year’s 1099 form that can be accessed by emailing [email protected]

Final Tip: Download Moves’ PDF Bank Statements

All Moves members are also given the ability to download their PDF bank statements. When you deposit your weekly payouts and instant pay to your Moves Spending Account, you can track all your earnings in one place. In combination with Moves Verify, your work can finally get the recognition it deserves. For inquiries, please email [email protected]


Emilie has been with Moves since January 2022 as a Growth Marketing Intern. She is in her fourth year of university and is passionate about exploring the world of personal finance. As a self-identified hustler, when Emilie is not at Moves, she can be found teaching beginner marketing boot camps at her university or working at one of many local concert venues.

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