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PUBLISHED BY Sally Pau / May 21, 2021

The endearing qualities of the gig economy have encouraged many to invest more energy and expectation into the outcomes of self-driven employment. This has been especially so since the onset of 2020’s pandemic, and for residents of larger cities. One of the best approaches toward securing financial freedom and stability is to work as a rideshare driver or food deliverer. Among the several brands to look into for your next big break, Grubhub is one of them.

In the early 2000s, Grubhub became one of the pioneers of the takeout delivery system the world so enjoys these days. 20 years later, the business had accrued over 30 million global users, along with popularity to boot. Although the platform’s namesake is not as illustrious as competitors like Uber Eats, Grubhub still does more than well for itself and grows by the second.

That being said, Grubhub is one of the best avenues for anyone interested in working as an independent contractor. If you haven’t already started the journey of becoming a self-made food runner, there are some things you ought to know. The level of your personal success will be dependent upon a few important variables which are worth mastering, even if you’re an experienced Grubhub driver.

In this article, we cover how to become a Grubhub driver, how much do Grubhub drivers make, and some of the best Grubhub driver tips and tricks.

How Do I Become a Grubhub Delivery Driver?

First things first–how to become a Grubhub delivery driver. You’ll be happy to know that the requirements are straightforward and probably available for most people. The Grubhub driver requirements are as follows:

  • You must be at least 19 years of age to apply as a partner (Chicago & Las Vegas residents must be at least 21 years old)
  • You must have access to a car, or, a bike in some areas
  • You must have a valid driver’s license and active driver’s insurance if you’re driving a car. Bike riders must have a valid state ID
  • You must have a smartphone with a data plan (IOS 11+ or Android 5.0+ only)
  • Lastly, you’ll need a checking account for direct deposit of your earnings

Once you’ve successfully applied, you’ll also be required to complete a background check, performed by the third-party company Chekr. They’ll be checking the past 7 years of your record for criminal activity. Your application can also be denied if you have too many minor driving violations, so beware! This process can take anywhere up to 5 days.

After your application is accepted and you’ve filled out all the logistical information, you’ll need to attend an onboarding session. It’s a rundown of how to use the app and can usually be completed online. Finally, you’ll receive a warming bag for food deliveries, and voila! You’re finally ready to become a Grubhub driver.

How Grubhub Calculates Wages

There’s no straightforward answer to “how much do Grubhub drivers make per delivery?” On average, Grubhub drivers have reported making about $20 per hour. This number varies, of course, but that’s the general hourly wage. Grubhub also offers an hourly minimum wage in some markets. The previous Grubhub payment system paid a flat rate of $4 per order. The new payment system for Grubhub takes into account distance traveled and time spent on each order when calculating order payout. There is a base rate for each activity which is then influenced by the following parameters:

  • Pickup = $0.22 per mile x 2 miles
  • Dropoff = $0.22 per mile x 3 miles
  • Time = $0.13 per minute x 30 minutes

These numbers may vary by market, but the formula is identical across the board. On top of the payout for each order, drivers are usually paid tips of which they keep 100%. Patrons have the option to tip via the app, in person, or both.

Making Money with Grubhub

One difference between Grubhub and other popular delivery apps is that it requires some forward-thinking. Before hitting the road, Grubhub requires each driver to schedule working hours in the phone app. They do this to make sure you actually work and don’t just waste your time. Not only that, scheduled drivers are prioritized over those marked as “available” who are off the schedule. This makes scheduling one of the best Grubhub driver tricks—higher work incentives, more potential orders, more potential cash.

Another point of interest for maximum monetization on Grubhub’s platform is to use their Recognition Program. This is a program that honors efficiency offering benefits to drivers with perfect attendance rates, high acceptance rates, and low block-drop rates. After your 20th accepted request, you’ll automatically be signed up to the first level (Partner level.) Those who consistently meet the status quo will graduate to the Pro and Premier tier eventually. These drivers will receive block-scheduling perks, as well as access to large catering orders. If you want to become a Grubhub driver of the highest payout bracket, the Recognition Program is a must.

Finally, keep a lookout for special promotions, sweepstakes, and bonuses thru the Grubhub app. These are the best times to drive for Grubhub. Promotions are offered from time to time in different markets, so make the most out of them. Keeping these things in mind is the best way to make money with Grubhub.

Other Tips for Grubhub Drivers

  • Know Your City The better you know your city, the more time you’ll save on multiple deliveries during rush hour. Save on gas and time, and make speedier drop-offs for happy customers.
  • Track Your Mileage As an independent contractor, you’ll have to write off your own taxes once tax filling seasons rears its head. Luckily, you can deduct your mileage expenses over the course of the year. Keep track of your mileage while you work—avoid financial loss and unnecessary hassle.
  • Use Direct Deposit It’s always the small bits that add up. Grubhub sends a direct deposit into your bank every Thursday. The funds usually come by Tuesday the following week. Avoid the $0.50 fee for instant transfers plan ahead and get that direct deposit.

We have a ton of useful financial tips for freelancers if you’d like an overview of things you could be doing to make the most out of self-employment. If you’re looking for a bank account dedicated for your gig business without monthly maintenance or overdraft fees, learn more about the Moves Spending Account!

Sally Pau

Sally is the Growth Marketer at Moves. With years of experience as an independent contractor, she understands both the fulfillment and challenges that come with the gig economy. Now, she is enthusiastic to help build a collective voice to put gig workers at the forefront and drive meaningful change.

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