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Your Amazon Flex employment verification can be used for:

Rental leases
Auto loans
Background checks

Student loans
Tax filing
Insurance claims

Mortgage pre approvals
Government aid applications
Small business loans


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Receive a secured PDF income verification report within the hour. Your Amazon Flex pay stubs will be shown year-to-date including all-time historical earnings over previous years.

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Moves will only generate your Amazon Flex pay stub history upon your request. We will never share your data unless you direct us to.

Frequently asked questions

Have questions getting your Amazon Flex employment verified? Let us help!

  • If you are an Amazon Flex delivery driver, you may be asked to provide proof of income or employment to a third party, such as a landlord, loan provider, or government agency. In these situations, Amazon Flex earnings can be used as proof of income.

  • Although Amazon flex pay stubs are not provided, drivers can download an earnings statement, which shows their total earnings for a specified time period.

    When using Amazon Flex earnings as employment verification, it is important to keep in mind that:

    • Your earnings statement will show only your earnings from Amazon Flex and does not include any other sources of income.
    • Your earnings statement does not provide information about taxes or other deductions that may have been taken out of your earnings.
    • The earnings statement is not an official tax document, and you should consult a tax professional if you have questions about your taxes
  • Moves offers Amazon flex drivers a faster and easier solution by generating a formal Moves Verify report!

Instead of downloading individual earning statements, Moves verifies your historical earnings from over 20+ support gig apps so you can provide the full picture of your employment income. You can then create your Amazon Flex employment verification alongside any other gigs in a few clicks! Get started here.

Absolutely. Amazon verification of employment is completely free regardless if you are not a Moves member. Gig work is real work and we’re happy to support what you do.

Once you have made a request, you will receive an email to download your Amazon Flex employment verification report within the hour. If more than one gig was requested, your earnings will all appear in the same PDF report.

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