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Our Journey (So Far)

The Gig Economy Needs Moves

For the past decade, we’ve seen an incredible amount of innovation lead to today’s flourishing gig economy. The companies at the forefront of this industry have promised and delivered modern consumer experiences to everyday people. Undeniably, consumer behaviors have changed and new immense value has been created.

BUT, much of this value has come from the contributions of an overlooked and growing segment: You. The gig worker.

With no shortage of companies focusing on unlocking more consumer demand for new products and services, the gig economy is in dire need of a new focus: a focus on creating value for gig workers.

Moves exists to focus on the gig worker.

About Moves

Moves is a social finance product for gig workers. This means that we’re obsessively focused on two things: Building a world-class financial product for gig workers, and creating a collective to support gig workers through a common social experiences.

We’re building Moves to rebalance the gig economy in favor of its workers. Today, gig workers are the largest workforce in America – an estimated 50 million people. Yet, they have no one looking out for their best interests or providing them tools to benefit from their collective scale.

That’s all about to change. And it starts with you joining our movement.

Dec 2019
Started ideating Moves, with an anticipated Fall 2020 launch
MARCH 2020
Launched Moves website as a COVID-19 informational portal
Apr-may 2020
Launched 2 phases of loan products into market in response to the COVID-19 crisis
Nov 2020
Launched new line of credit offering
FEB 2021
Launched Business Cash Advance
MAR 2021
Mobile app available to all users
MAY 2021
Unveiled our Moves Spending Account and Visa debit card


If you’re a gig worker who continuously feels undervalued, anxious about your future, or simply isolated from your peers, join us. Moves is a member-driven product. We succeed only if you help us. Power in numbers starts with you.

Power in numbers starts with you

Thousands of gig workers have chosen Moves as the home of their gig business. As a member, you're a part of the growing movement of gig workers that are getting ahead together.

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If you’re passionate about our mission, and have skills you think can make a difference, we’re constantly looking for the world’s best to join our team.

You’d be working alongside incredibly talented people who wake up everyday singularly focused on solving this problem. And we have fun while we do it.

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