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Our gig is to help you keep doing your gig.

  • Borrow up to $2,500 in three short steps
  • We assess based on your income history, not a credit check
  • Early repayment available with no penalties

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Personal loans

Moves is the ultimate lender for independent contractors in the gig economy. Because Moves works exclusively with freelancers and gig workers, you never have to worry about being refused a loan because of the type of work you do.

E-Bike financing

An e-bike is one of the best investments you can make as a courier. Increased speed and decreased effort means you can complete deliveries faster and take on more business. Ready to ride? Moves offers e-bike financing starting at 0% APR!

Our criteria

We welcome you to apply if you meet these minimum requirements:

  • You must live in Alberta or British Columbia or Ontario

  • You must have an active bank account

  • You must have received income from one of the above platforms in the last 90 days

Other factors such as your spending habits, non-sufficient fund charges, and average balance also impact our assessment.

It’s very simple, I just had to basically show proof of my Uber statement with my name on it. And I sent it through, and then I got the money within two days. Moves, it was very easy and simple, and I really enjoyed it.


Uber Driver, Toronto

If I needed to get a line of credit, I may have had to go have a meeting in a bank or speak to someone on the phone. But Moves is 24 hours a day. You just log in, fill out and apply and that’s it.


DoorDash Courier, Toronto

I was trying to compare the price, like the interest rate and how much we pay back, and when I compare, Moves has a good interest rate for the people.


Uber Driver, Toronto

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