Making Gig Work Better

Easily manage your money, track your earnings, gain access to cash advances, and earn free stock ownership in the gig companies you work for.

Moves - Making Gig Work Better
Harry Campbell - The Rideshare Guy
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It’s nice to see a company recognize that drivers and couriers need access to financial services and are worthy of investing in. It’s hard enough for gig workers to qualify for certain business funding, car loans, and more. With Moves, there’s one place to track your earnings, see historical earnings, and get access to financial services we might not otherwise have been aware of.

- Harry Campbell, The Rideshare Guy

Gig work is unpredictable. Your money doesn’t have to be.


Earn, Track, Win.

We take care of the hard stuff so you don’t have to. Actually reach earnings goals that are important to you, and know exactly how you’re doing on the road with clear and concise earnings tracking and goal setting.

Mobile Banking

Mobile Banking

Gig Economy Banking Built for

Rideshare Drivers

Delivery Drivers


Independent contractors

Independent Workers

Gig Workers




No monthly fees, no minimum balances, 55,000+ free ATMS, and banking features built for how you work.

Business cash advance

Easily Access Cash When You Need It

Access no-interest Cash Advances of up to $2,000 when you deposit your earnings with Moves. No credit checks required!

Moves cash advance app screen
App information with gig worker on an e-scooter

Stock Rewards

Own Your Share Of The Gig Economy

Invest in your career. Get free shares in the gig companies you earn on as you use Moves.

Gig workers, rideshare drivers, and food couriers

financial services built for gig economy banking

Own Your Share Of The Gig Economy

By spending with Moves, our gig workers collective gives members stock ownership in the companies they work for. Grow your voices as owners and shareholders to create real change in the gig economy.

Supported Platforms

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Gig Economy Banking
For Modern Day Workers

Join our growing community of self-employed gig workers that count on Moves to help manage their business and get ahead.

Our Commitment to You

We believe that everyone should have access to our products. At Moves, we welcome and celebrate diversity and are committed to providing an inclusive environment where all our members feel valued and respected. We believe that by embracing different perspectives and experiences, we can better understand and serve you. So no matter who you are or where you come from, we are here to work with you.

Financial Help That Self-Employed Gig Workers Deserve

Financial support in the form of gig economy loans aren’t always easy to come by. But where big banks make excuses, we create solutions. It’s time you get the recognition that you deserve – choose a financial partner that not only understands, but also celebrates gig work.

Leveraging Moves’ Gig Economy Services

Stop juggling between multiple gig apps and payment cards. Our members get a clear picture of how they work from on convenient account! If you need a spot, your available Cash Advance can be deposited into your account, the instant you need it.

We’re Better Off Together

Gig workers represent the largest workforce in America, but it often feels like you’re on your own to tackle the challenges of your work and your finances. Joining Moves is more than just accessing tailored financial products that fit your life, it’s about joining a movement of gig workers that all share a goal of improving the gig economy to build better careers for themselves.

Knowing you’re not alone is a good start. Working together for positive change is ultimately where we’re heading.

The World Needs Gig Workers

If we’ve learned anything during the pandemic, it’s how much the world needs gig workers like you. As cities and businesses closed, you kept us going. Gig workers became the front line workers we didn’t expect, but we all ended up depending on.

It’s about time the world celebrates and rewards the work you do, instead of making your lives unnecessarily complicated. This is the financial help self-employed gig workers deserve.

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